Match Day 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Match Day has arrived! On behalf of ASHP, congratulations to all who matched during Phase I of the 2024 ASHP Residency Matching Program!

Pharmacy residency training has proven its value in the six decades since ASHP first laid out our vision to expand this intensive, specialized training. Residents take their clinical skills to new levels — an essential advancement as pharmacists help lead increasingly complicated drug therapy decisions in hospitals and clinics around the nation.

We continue to see strong interest in pharmacy residencies. This year, 4,916 individuals matched with 2,200 pharmacy residency programs in Phase I, including 664 postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) positions accepted at their postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) program. In total, Match Phase I featured 5,872 residency positions, including early commits — a 10% increase over the past five years.

While we continue to focus on closing the gap between the number of residents and available residency positions, I’m pleased to report some encouraging statistics this year. A higher share of fourth-year pharmacy students (46%) applied to the 2024 Match than did last year (44%). That tells us pharmacy students continue to understand the tremendous value of postgraduate residency training.

PGY2 applications were also up this year over last, with the number of early commits for PGY2 positions increasing by an impressive 10% from 2023. The Commission on Credentialing recently approved a recommendation to allow early commitments within a health system, rather than just a single hospital to enhance recruitment for PGY2 positions. But filling critical residency positions means we must continue to attract more people to hospital and health-system pharmacy. That’s why ASHP’s upcoming national awareness campaign is so important.

As part of that campaign, we plan to show current and prospective students the range of career opportunities available in hospital and health-system pharmacy. We believe they will be excited to learn more about the many unique, expanding, and rewarding opportunities to provide direct patient care side-by-side with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. We will keep you informed of all the latest campaign developments.

As we look ahead, 956 positions representing 721 programs remain to be filled in Phase II of the Match. We encourage those who did not match in Phase I to participate in Phase II and to review and share ASHP’s many Match Day Resources.

For Phase II participants, please read the New Practitioner Forum's Residency Guide: Preparation for Phase II of the Match and join us on March 14 for a virtual roundtable discussion. We also encourage mentors and preceptors to use our Phase II and Scramble Candidate Discussion Guide.

We invite new residents to visit ASHP's resident resources, our new practitioner resources, and the AJHP Residents Edition, a respected peer-reviewed platform dedicated to pharmacy residents. And connect with your peers in the ASHP New Practitioners Forum, which offers excellent career guidance, clinician well-being and resilience resources, and so much more.

Again, we want to congratulate and applaud all Match Day participants. These professionals have reached an important milestone, embarking on a path that will benefit their careers, their profession, and, most importantly, their patients.

Thank you for all you do for your patients and our profession.



Posted on March 13, 2024