Residency Training Programs Demonstrate Resiliency and Sustainability in Providing Exceptional Learning Opportunities

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to all who matched during Match Phase I of the 2022 ASHP Residency Matching Program. Well done! Residencies are a critical part of our healthcare infrastructure and pharmacy workforce development. This specialized training is a tremendous opportunity to expand clinical knowledge and enhance leadership skills. Pharmacists who complete residency training are well-positioned to provide medication-related patient care that results in better health, an improved experience of care, and lower costs.

The 2022 Match Phase I results include 4,988 positions matched, including 595 early commits from those accepting a postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) position at their current program. Today is a day to celebrate the successful results of learners and residency programs!

The Match also continued its steady growth in the number of available residency positions. Since 2017, residency positions have increased by 1,196, or 26%. Specifically, PGY2 programs in palliative care/pain management grew by 107%, emergency medicine grew by 69%, and ambulatory care grew by 57%. Additionally, PGY1 community-based programs grew by 31%.

The resilience of residency program directors, preceptors, and residents has been extraordinary, given the demands of conducting a residency program and resource constraints resulting from the pandemic. In order to provide high-quality education and training, programs have had to adjust to a rapidly changing patient care environment. In many cases, programs transitioned to virtual training and adopted virtual care delivery models. Learners displayed a remarkable level of adaptability—embracing virtual environments for both the interview process and learning experiences.

We are impressed at how residency training programs have remained stable and continue to produce well-trained, highly skilled residents. Based on accreditation surveys ASHP has conducted with residency program directors, residents, and preceptors, it’s clear that programs have had to overcome many challenges to provide critical education to learners over the past two years. Residents have shared that despite the adjustments caused by the pandemic, they are receiving the supervision, mentorship, and training they expect from top-notch programs and preceptors.

There are 794 positions representing 597 programs that remain to be filled in Phase II of the Match, so if you did not match in the first round, please plan to participate in Phase II. ASHP has many resources that can help support you, including Match Day Resources and a publication created by the New Practitioner Forum titled, Residency Guide: Preparation for Phase II of the Match. We also have a three-part podcast series that takes a deeper dive into the Match process, a special podcast about coaching learners who did not match, and our latest offering—an in-depth podcast about the Match Phase II process, which published today. ASHP will also hold the Spring Virtual Career Fair on April 26 for unmatched candidates or graduates who choose to enter the workforce.

ASHP is committed to supporting residents as they take this exciting step in their professional journey. I encourage you to visit the Career Transitions Resource Center and the Research Resource Center. Be sure to read and contribute to AJHP Residents Edition, a respected peer-reviewed platform dedicated to pharmacy residents. Finally, stay connected and network with your peers in the ASHP New Practitioners Forum, which provides numerous resources to support your career growth, well-being and resilience, and opportunities for volunteer leadership. Please also mark your calendar now for ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition held December 4-8 in Las Vegas.

Dr. Joseph A. Oddis, ASHP’s beloved CEO for 37 years, was an early believer in the power of pharmacy residencies to improve patient care. He helped establish ASHP’s residency accreditation program nearly 60 years ago. His vision for advanced roles for pharmacists has led to the development of thousands of residency training programs that provide essential training for the next generation of pharmacy leaders.

On behalf of ASHP, congratulations once again on this impressive milestone as we celebrate your hard work and dedication to the pharmacy profession! I hope you take every opportunity to learn as much as you can while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on the next phase of your career.



Posted on March 16, 2022