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Components of ASHP consisting of all members in a particular category of membership.

Each forum has an executive committee that is appointed by the Board of Directors. Executive committees advise ASHP on programs and services related to the interests of their group and make policy.

2021-2022 New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee

Erin Boswell Chair Kansas
Charnae Ross Vice Chair Texas
Emily Belarski Member Illinois
Angela Chu Member Utah
Kristy Nguyen Member Oregon
Vivian Bradley Johnson Board Liaison Texas
Karly Low Director Maryland

2021-2022 Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

Autumn Pinard Chair New Mexico
Ma Emmanuelle Domingo Vice Chair Indiana
Faith Allen Member North Carolina
Athena Triglia Member Ohio
Nikhila Viswanathan Member Pennsylvania
Samuel Calabrese Board Liaison Ohio
Melanie Smith Director Maryland

2021-2022 Pharmacy Technician Forum Executive Committee

JoAnne Myhre Chair Minnesota
Cynthia Jeter Vice Chair Arizona
Tyler Darcy Member Massachusetts
Aaron Gilbreath Member Texas
Serena Spurlock Member Texas
Paul Walker Board Liaison Michigan
Tyffani Wingfield Director Maryland
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