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Kuldip R. Patel

Kuldip Patel

Kuldip R. Patel, PharmD, FASHP ([email protected]) is the senior associate chief pharmacy officer and director of pharmacy residency programs at Duke Health. Patel earned his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and completed his pharmacy practice and pharmacy practice management residencies at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Within ASHP, Patel has served in a variety of different roles as a leader and contributor. He has served as a member of the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders ) Committee of Multi-Hospital Pharmacy Executives and was appointed to serve as the vice chair and subsequently chair of the SPPL Educational Steering Committee. He served in the same capacities with the Council on Pharmacy Practice. Patel also served as chair for the SAG on Managing the Pharmacy Enterprise. He has served as a reviewer with AJHP and facilitated publication of blogs on ASHP Connect. Over the years, he has submitted and reviewed numerous proposals and served as a facilitator, panel member, and presenter for the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings. Patel is a mentor for the ASHP Foundation's Pharmacy Leadership Academy participants and supports the ASHP-PAC agenda.  Patel represented ASHP on the U.S. FDA's Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee. Along with his colleagues at Duke, Patel was a winner of the 2022 ASHP Best Practice Award. 

Patel is an active member of the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. In addition to serving as residency director for Duke's HSPA-L program, Patel enjoys training pharmacy and business students.

In an era of cutting-edge technologies and abundant resources, our hospitals and healthcare systems face challenges we have rarely seen before. Healthcare worker burnout resulting in turnover, staffing shortages, opioid epidemic and mental health crisis, insurmountable financial burdens, inequity in access to care, violence in the workplace, and persistent vulnerabilities impacting safety, just to name a few. These challenges and rapid changes are daunting, and seemingly impossible to overcome. Times like this call for leaders who can face the brutal realities with the unyielding focus on effectively overcoming each challenge. Effective leadership during these times requires creativity and decisiveness. We must act with a deep sense of obligation and empathy towards our teams, who have served with loyalty and persevered through the tumultuous crisis.

Throughout the over two-decade professional journey, I have served by providing steadfast and resolute leadership, especially when stakes are high and the future uncertain. I have worked collaboratively with teams to drive large scale complex projects, implemented impactful policies, and built programs that has advanced pharmacy practice, enhanced safety, and improved business performance. I have a deep sense of understanding on how to foster a culture that values input from each constituent and am committed to serving selflessly.

I feel honored to have been nominated to serve as chair-elect for the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders Executive Committee. It would be my privilege to earn your trust in serving, guiding, and advancing our section's mission. I am grateful for your support.