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Craig A. Greszler

Craig A. Greszler, PharmD, MBA, BCSCP ([email protected]), currently serves as a senior manager of medical affairs with Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD). His career history includes extensive experiences in health system operations, medication safety, and informatics. Primary responsibilities in his current role include clinical advisement and oversight, evidence generation, quality control, and scientific exchange related to next generation pharmacy technology. Greszler specialized interests include digital health, data analytics, artificial intelligence, clinical decision support, and compounding workflow technology.

Greszler graduated with his PharmD from Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and his MBA from the University of Toledo. He obtained board certification as a sterile compounding pharmacist in 2021. He is a multi-year member and current Chair of the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology (SOPIT) Advisory Group (SAG) on Clinical Decision Support and Analytics. Greszler has also contributed to the advancement of pharmacy practice through recent publications highlighting technology and education in both AJHP and AJPE.

My philosophy is simple: question boundaries and strive to advance through limitations. I believe this is what led my career down the path of pharmacy informatics. Technology requires us to constantly be open to change and early adopters often must find creative ways to apply new disruptions into clinical and operational workflows. Over my past few years in leadership positions within the SOPIT SAG on Clinical Decision Support and Analytics, I have watched generative AI progress from “nifty toy” to useful companion – and participated in revising the ASHP AI statement to accompany this shift.

I am beyond honored to be considered for Chair of the SOPIT Executive Committee, and believe my nomination speaks to the progressive nature of ASHP. The organization continues to push their own boundaries, expanding its influence outside of traditional health system pharmacy by growing opportunities and membership to non-traditional pharmacist, technicians, and pharmacy affiliates. I believe this inclusion and diversification of different disciplines will continue to elevate ASHP as a professional thought leader.

If elected chair, I can aid these efforts with the unique perspectives, experiences, and relationships I have built as both a health system pharmacist and pharmacist working within the medical technology industry. I will continue the collaborate approach ASHP has taken with non-traditional organizations, fostering the creation and revision of technology standards and guidelines, advocating for policy improvements, and furthering the education and training of all pharmacy advocates in the proper use of healthcare technology.