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Della Bahmandar

DELLA BAHMANDAR, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCSCP ([email protected]), is the director of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s North Hospital, which consists of a community hospital and a rehab/behavioral health campus.  Her role includes oversight of all pharmacy operations for those campuses and leading initiatives around sterile compounding, hazardous compounding, and controlled substance diversion detection at the system level.

Bahmandar earned her PharmD from Roseman University along with her master’s in business administration. She completed her PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at the Cleveland Clinic – Main Campus and her PGY2 residency in health system pharmacy administration at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

Bahmandar has been an active member of ASHP at the state and national level. Her state involvement includes serving as director-at-large and then president of the Nevada Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Her national involvement includes many years serving on various ASHP section and forum advisory groups, serving on the ASHP Council on Pharmacy Practice, and serving as the Chair of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders Educational Steering Committee. She has also served as a delegate to the ASHP House of Delegates.

Throughout my experiences in professional organizations, as a member, Chair, or President, I have always strived to leave a lasting legacy. My desire to join the Section’s Executive Committee stems from a deep commitment to advancing our collective goals – to lead, develop, and advance, and to help the Section leave its own legacy. As a pharmacy director of a community hospital who has system-level oversight on sterile compounding, drug diversion, automation, and operations, I believe I am uniquely positioned to advocate for both the needs of community hospital pharmacies and health-systems.

While numerous critical issues will undoubtedly influence the future of pharmacy practice – from incorporating artificial intelligence, safeguarding 340B programs, navigating the decline in pharmacy school applications, managing pharmacy technician shortages, and preparing for potential shifts in patient care delivery one constant remains: our collective strength as a profession. It is important that the Section is the place where all pharmacy leaders consider their professional home, and I am committed to ensuring this is the case. If we embrace the belief that all our voices matter, and we consistently leave people and places better than we found them, we can ensure continued growth and development within our Section.

As a candidate for director-at-large, I am committed to amplifying the voices of pharmacy professionals and championing actionable items around all of these and other issues to help the Section members succeed. I am truly humbled to be nominated and look forward to collaborating with you in the future!