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Emmanuel N. Enwere

Emmanuel N. Enwere, PharmD, MS, CPHIMS ([email protected]), is the system director of pharmacy and oncology informatics for the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center. Enwere leads teams that support pharmacy, oncology and research application systems with data analytics for pharmacy. His teams support informatics services for five cancer center locations nationwide within Los Angeles, Orange County, Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix. Prior to his current role, Enwere served as the senior pharmacy informatics manager at UTMB Health where he led several transformational initiatives since 2019.

Enwere graduated from The University of Texas College of Pharmacy in 2012 with his PharmD degree. He completed a combined pharmacy residency and Masters of Science degree in health-system pharmacy administration and leadership emphasizing pharmacy informatics at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in 2014.

Enwere is very passionate about designing systems that help guide healthcare providers to make better clinical decisions that achieve improved patient outcomes. He is currently serving on the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology (SOPIT) Advisory Group (SAG) on Educational and Professional Development as the Blog Workgroup lead. He also served as the 2022-2023 chair of the SOPIT SAG on Clinical Decision Support and Analytics (CDSA)  and as the CDSA vice chair from 2021-2022. Enwere has been an active SOPIT member since 2015 and is very excited about the continued growth in pharmacy informatics. He is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems and holds several Epic Systems certifications that support pharmacy, oncology and CDS. He has given pharmacy informatics presentations both locally and nationally with peer-reviewed publications. 

I believe the future of pharmacy entails a transformational landscape where automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and clinical decision support converge to revolutionize patient care. Although the healthcare ecosystem is very complex, we must continue to embrace technology within the medication use process that provides safer and more efficient patient care. The next phase of embracing this landscape will involve all of us harnessing the power of technology to optimize medication management, enhance patient safety, and elevate the role of pharmacists as integral members of the healthcare team.

I strongly believe we are approaching an inflection point as it relates to AI, where we must make a unanimous decision to embrace or reject the idea of its use in pharmacy. AI will inevitably play a pivotal role in analyzing large data sets to identify trends, anticipate medication needs, personalize treatment plans, and much more. Additionally, AI within pharmacy can greatly improve medication adherence and health outcomes.

As pharmacists continue to establish themselves as trusted clinical partners empowered by advanced clinical decision support systems, we see that technology provides real-time, evidence-based guidance at the point of care. The importance of these systems enables pharmacists to proactively make informed interventions, prevent adverse drug events and optimize medication therapy. ASHP is a transformational organization, and the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology plays a vital role in supporting all areas of health-system pharmacy as we continue to embrace innovation. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and serve you if elected as Director-at-Large!