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Farima F. Raof

Farima F. Raof, PharmD, BCPS, CPh, DPLA
([email protected]), is a pharmacy manager overseeing the outpatient non-oncology infusion care service line at Baptist Health South Florida. Raof earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. Upon graduation, she completed two years of pharmacy residency training specialized in health-system pharmacy administration developing her education, resources, and tools in advancing pharmacy practice. She is a frequent speaker in professional pharmacy societies and is passionate about mentoring and precepting the next generation of pharmacists. Raof enjoys active involvement with pharmacy organizations and is highly involved with ASHP at state and national levels. Her contributions have been multifaceted; encompassing roles such as Florida Society of Health-system Pharmacists (FSHP) House of Delegates Chair, Resolution Committee Chair, Board of Directors Member, Southern Gulf Society President-Elect, Annual Meeting Ambulatory and Medication Safety Tracks Coordinator and Moderator, and Communication Affairs Component Board Liaison. Nationally, she has represented Florida as a delegate to the ASHP House of Delegates, served as a social media ambassador at the ASHP Conferenence for Pharmacy Leaders, and contributed as a curriculum vitae reviewer. Presently, Raof serves as the FSHP House of Delegates Chair and the board liaison for all 12 Florida regional societies within the organization.

My continued involvement and contribution come from my passion and dedication to not only pharmacy practice but to also drive the vision that I have for healthcare and a patient-centered care. I envision a community practice model where patients genuinely stand at the core of every care decision, receive the optimal treatment based on their healthcare provider's recommendations, independent of constraints such as non-patient-specific guidelines, formulary restrictions, or step therapies enforced in outpatient settings. I imagine a pharmacy practice that proactively contributes to create a healthier and more joyful community. This practice involves placing a priority on wellness and nutrition, appropriate sites of care, and exploring alternative options before resorting to medications. As an advocate for our profession, I am excited to work with ASHP on initiatives that advance community pharmacy practice and close the gaps where support is needed. Outpatient infusion services, in my perspective, are distinctive and underrepresented in the pharmacy landscape, as they incorporate elements of community pharmacy, ambulatory care, specialty pharmacy, and transition of care practices. There are currently limited resources available to guide us through an optimal, and safe expansion of this service line. The competency challenge is also experienced by team members who have had minimal exposure to this growing service. If elected, I will represent and advocate for community pharmacy needs and expand on outpatient infusion care, addressing the unique challenges within this evolving service line.