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Indrani Kar

Indrani Kar, PharmD, DPLA ([email protected]), is the system pharmacy manager for formulary and drug policy at University Hospitals (UH), a 16-hospital health system in northeast Ohio. With her team, she oversees the system adult formulary, system pediatric formulary, ambulatory medication management, and system medication policy.  She also supports the over 30 residents at UH in their professional development and conducts student APPE rotations in drug information. She earned her PharmD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, completed her specialty fellowship in drug information at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy, and completed her PGY2 residency in drug information at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Rutgers, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

She currently serves ASHP as the outgoing director-at-large (DAL) for the Section for Inpatient Care Practitioners (SICP). She has previously served as vice chair and chair of the SICP Educational Steering Committee, new practitioner member of the ASHP Council on Therapeutics, and member of the SCIP Advisory Group on Medication Safety. Locally, Kar is an active member of the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacy, supporting the Legal Affairs division and the Educational Affairs division as a curriculum vitae and annual meeting continuing education session reviewer. She supports ASHP as a multi-cycle reviewer for continuing education sessions, guidelines, professional poster abstracts, CVs, and posters at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. She, along with her colleagues, now supports the annual Innovations in Drug Information and Research continuing education session at Midyear.

My personal philosophy is Learning/collaborating, Recognizing others, and Networking (LRN) every day. I am a LRN-er with an organized, efficient, and engaged methodology. I would be honored to serve as your SICP Chair to support our section members’ ideas and needs and expand upon my DAL service through:

  1. Encouraging member participation and networking (e.g. ASHP Connect)
  2. Promoting the ASHP mentorship program for SICP members 
  3. Developing a member recognition process at different career stages
  4. Recognizing member-developed content on the SICP website

If elected, I will passionately serve the organization that has shaped me. I am honored to be nominated alongside my wonderful colleagues.

I am further committed to helping members engage in ASHP and the profession, as the organization gives us the opportunity to support each other, advocate for needs, and provide useful tools.  I personally use ASHP tools daily and have helped develop a few (e.g. competency assessment center chapter author, formulary guideline reviewer). I am thankful for the connections I have made through ASHP Connect and for collaboration experiences with the SICP Educational Steering Committee (e.g. developed the mentoring resource center). During the last three years as a DAL, I focused on leading the SICP strategic plan revision, promoting member ASHP award nominations, and supporting member personal growth through networking discussions. I welcome the chance to further support members if elected as Chair.

Thank you for all you do nationally and locally for ASHP and patients. I appreciate you. Have a fabulous day!