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ASHP 2024 Call for Nominations

President and Board of Directors Call for Nominations

ASHP 2024 Call for Nominations is Now Closed.

Please visit our election page for more information about the candidates.

The Committee on Nominations is responsible for nominating candidates for various ASHP offices. The role of the Committee in nominating candidates for elective office is described in the ASHP Bylaws.

The 2024 Committee on Nominations is:

  • Tyler Vest, Chair
  • Linda Tyler, Vice Chair
  • Joshua Blackwell
  • Lisa Mascardo
  • Arpit Mehta
  • Milap Nahata
  • Michael Nnadi
  • Trisha Jordan, 1st Alternate
  • Kuldip Patel, 2nd Alternate

For the 2024 election cycle, the Committee is seeking nominees for the offices of President-electMember, Board of Directors, and Chair, House of Delegates. The Committee will meet on April 17, 2024 to develop the final slate of candidates for election.

The Committee encourages ASHP members and state affiliates to recommend qualified individuals for nomination to elective offices. ASHP is committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion and seeks individuals for nomination that represent racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds and all other underrepresented populations.

A brief timeline is below:

  • Submit nominations by email to [email protected] 
  • Beginning on October 18, potential nominees will receive an online application survey to accept or decline the nomination. The deadline to complete this application survey and to submit all materials is February 15, 2024.
  • The Committee on Nominations will meet on April 17, 2024 to develop the final slate of candidates for election.

ASHP Pharmacy Practice Sections Elected Offices
Call for Nominations

The role of the Section Executive Committees is to provide leadership, guidance and advice to ASHP on ways to better meet the day-to-day practice needs of members. The deadline to submit your completed application for consideration is February 15, 2024. Applicants will be notified of candidacy on April 17, 2024.

Please send any questions to [email protected].

Learn more about elected positions for all Sections Executive Committees [PDF] and view Sample Candidate Application [PDF] .

Those interested in submitting their name for election consideration must:

  • Have an active ASHP membership 
  • Complete the Candidate Application Form
  • Submit Curriculum Vitae (submitted via the application form)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional - sent to [email protected])

More information about ASHP elections is available in the Guidelines for Committee on Nominations, the Guidelines for Candidates for Elective Office, and the Report of the Committee on Nominations.

ASHP 2023 Election Results
View results of the 2023 election.