Pharmacy Technicians

In recognition of their status as vital members of the healthcare team, pharmacy technicians’ professional roles and responsibilities are rapidly expanding. Pharmacists cannot provide quality patient care without the support of competent pharmacy technicians. More than ever, it is imperative that pharmacy technician positions be viewed as a career and not just a job. ASHP is committed to ensuring pharmacy technicians have opportunities for life-long advancement and are compensated appropriately for advanced roles they assume. ASHP has a collaborative partnership with The Pharmacy Technician Society (TPTS) on advocacy for pharmacy technicians.

ASHP is Working to: 

  • Ensure that appropriately supervised pharmacy technicians are able to practice to the height of their training and education when providing pharmacy services
  • Provide opportunities for on-going professional development and career advancement for pharmacy technicians
  • Promote and highlight the many and varied roles of pharmacy technicians as valuable contributors to healthcare delivery
  • Enhance recruitment and retention of qualified pharmacy technicians
  • Urge compensation for pharmacy technicians commensurate with advanced roles and responsibilities