Members & Individuals Toolkit

We're Your Pharmacist is about shining a spotlight on the essential contributions hospital and health-system pharmacists make as part of the patient care team. Help us show the public the many different ways pharmacists make an impact. Follow these tips below to help amplify the campaign and bring more visibility to all that you do for your patients.

Use Provided Tools

ASHP has provided easy to use tools to help you promote We’re Your Pharmacist online:

Or Make Your Own Content

The heart of We’re Your Pharmacist is stories, and we can’t wait to see yours on social media as part of the campaign. Here are some tips for making your own campaign content:

  • Get Personal
    We're Your Pharmacist is all about storytelling, and we want to hear yours! Create a post that highlights the unique contributions you make each and every day.
  • Don't be Afraid to Brag
    Sometimes it's OK to "toot your own horn!” We want the world to know the essential impact that hospital and health-system pharmacists make on patient
    care. Don't be afraid to share the amazing things you do!
  • Use Photography (faces are best)
    Show us your smile! Round up some peers and colleagues and use a photo from your workplace.
  • Make a Video
    Make a short Reel or video post that highlights some of what you do each and every day. Maybe it's a POV of how you get ready for work each day, or a moment captured after you've had a rewarding patient interaction. Video is the best medium for storytelling online.

And don't forget to

  • Use the Campaign Hashtag #YourPharmacist
  • Tag @ASHPOfficial in your posts
  • Link to the campaign website

Download Tips as PDF

Sample Social Media Posts

ASHP social media accounts for tagging (red font denotes tagging):

  • Thank you to the @American Society of Health-System Pharmacists for launching this new national awareness campaign to spotlight all that we do for patients and communities! #YourPharmacist [campaign link, graphic]
  • Every day, hospital and health-system pharmacists like me work to ensure patients receive safe, effective care. Learn more in this new campaign from the @American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: [campaign link, graphic] #YourPharmacist

Tips & recommendations:

  • Please tag ASHP in your posts so we can reshare.
  • Feel free to share ASHP social media content on your own channels.
  • Unsure what else to share? These thought starters can help:
    • What do you enjoy about being a pharmacist?
    • Do you have any meaningful stories from your career?
    • Shout out a fellow pharmacy professional

Download Posts as PDF

Sharable Social Media Images

Facebook/LinkedIn:  Design One   |   Design Two   |   Design Three    |   Design Four    |   Design Five    |   Download Group (ZIP)

Instagram:  Design One   |   Design Two   |   Design Three    |   Design Four    |   Design Five    |   Download Group (ZIP) 

X (Twitter):  Design One   |   Design Two   |   Design Three    |   Design Four    |   Design Five    |   Download Group (ZIP) 

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Customizable CANVA Templates


  1. Click on the Canva template link you want to use.
  2. Click on "Use template for new design" purple button.
  3. Login or create a free Canva account.
  4. Select the frame you want to edit.
  5. Select UPLOADS in the left toolbar and click the UPLOAD MEDIA button to add your photo to the image library.
  6. Drag and drop your photo into the frame.
  7. To reposition, double-click your photo and adjust.
  8. To download your image, click SHARE and select DOWNLOAD.

Facebook/LinkedIn:  Template One   |   Template Two   |   Template Three    |   Template Four 

Instagram:  Template One   |   Template Two   |   Template Three    |   Template Four

X (Twitter):  Template One   |   Template Two   |   Template Three    |   Template Four 

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