ASHP Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

This ASHP COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Toolkit assists healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, to build vaccine confidence among their team, patients, and community.

The toolkit consists of four pillars representing key stages of building vaccine confidence.

  • The Prepare pillar provides educational content, such as podcasts, webinars, articles, and publications, to aid you and your team in obtaining knowledge about the COVID-19 vaccine and its vital role in protecting our communities.
  • The Promote pillar equips your team with assessment tools and talking points to engage your patients in meaningful discussions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The Provide pillar offers easy-to-use and printable resources that your patients can review to build confidence in their choice of becoming vaccinated.
  • The Partner pillar helps you explore COVID-19 success stories in promoting vaccine confidence and addressing health disparities that you can mirror for your practice.

Use the COVID-19 vaccine toolkit sequentially, by visiting each pillar as you structure your efforts toward vaccine confidence or access the sections most applicable to your COVID-19 vaccine journey.


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