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Fluorescein Sodium and Benoxinate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution

Products Affected - Description

    • Flurox solution, OCuSOFT, 0.25%/0.4%, 5 mL bottle, 1 count, NDC 54799-0508-05

Reason for the Shortage

    • OCuSOFT has discontinued Flurox.
    • Altaire is the sole supplier of fluorescein/benoxinate ophthalmic solution.

Available Products

    • Altafluor solution, Altaire, 0.25%/0.4%, 5 mL bottle, 1 count, NDC 59390-0206-05

Estimated Resupply Dates

    • Altaire has Altafluor available.

Implications for Patient Care

    • Fluorescein/benoxinate and fluorescein/proparacaine ophthalmic solutions are combinations of a disclosing agent and a fast acting anesthetic that has a short duration of action

Alternative Agents & Management

    • Fluorescein/proparacaine ophthalmic solution is available.
    • Fluorescein/proparacaine and fluorescein/benoxinate areused in tonometry, corneal foreign body removal, suture removal, and other corneal or conjunctival procedures. They are dosed similarly for these indications.


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