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Pharmacy Practice

Small-Volume Parenteral (SVP) Solutions Shortages: Suggestions for Management and Conservation, October, 2017 [PDF]

Drug Shortages as an Impetus to Improve Parenteral Nutrition Practices, AJHP, 2013

Policy and Analysis

2014 Drug Shortages Summit [PDF]

April 2013 Drug Shortages Summit Report: Evaluating Long Term Solutions [PDF]

FDA’s Strategic Plan for Preventing and Mitigating Drug Shortages (2013) [PDF]

Economic and Technological Drivers of Generic Sterile Injectable Drug Shortages, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2013

An Economic Analysis of the Causes of Drug Shortages ASPE Issue Brief, 2011 [PDF]

November 5, 2010 Drug Shortages Summit Summary Report ASHP, 2010 [PDF]

Managing Drug Shortages: Seven Years Experience at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics AJHP, 2003

Surveys and Statistics

Drug Shortages and Labor Costs: Measuring the Hidden Costs of Drug Shortages on U.S. Hospitals, Vizient, 2019

National Survey on the Effect of Oncology Drug Shortages on Cancer Care, AJHP, 2013

International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Drug Shortage Survey , ISPE, 2013

Impact of Drug Shortages on U.S. Health Systems AJHP, 2011

Survey Reveals Frustration and Safety Issues with Drug Shortages, ISMP, 2010

Recent Trends in Drug Shortages: an Update from the 2003 Report, AJHP, 2009

National Survey of the Impact of Drug Shortages in Acute Care Hospitals, AJHP

Supply Chain

Follow the Pill: Understanding the US Commercial Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Kaiser Foundation, 2005 [PDF]

Drug Shortages

Current Shortages

Current and resolved shortages, discontinued drugs and no commercially available preparations

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Drug Shortages SVPs

SVPs Shortages

A fact sheet summarizing the shortage of small-volume parenteral solutions (SVPs) and its management
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We represent pharmacists who serve as patient care providers in acute and ambulatory settings.

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