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International Pharmacy Residency Accreditation

International sites may seek accreditation of their pharmacy residency program using one of two entry level standards: the ASHP Accreditation Standard for International Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs or the ASHP Accreditation Standard for Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency Programs. Many international residency programs will find their best fit using the International Pharmacy Practice Accreditation Standard. However, some programs may be better suited to the PGY1 Standard. ASHP staff are available to provide guidance when contacted by a prospective residency program representative and there is an initial assessment of the health care organization, pharmacy services, educational systems in that country, plans for the prospective residency program, and other factors. Of note, a postgraduate year two (PGY2) accreditation standard is available for sites to offer residency programs in advanced areas of pharmacy practice. These residency programs build upon the skills developed during the PGY1 residency program and follow completion of a PGY1 residency program. For advanced residency programs that follow the International Pharmacy Practice residency program, ASHP offers an International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency Program Accreditation.

International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Residency Program Accreditation
An international Advanced Pharmacy Practice residency program builds on pharmacy education and competencies and the International Pharmacy Practice Residency Program skillset to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible and accountable for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions and to take leadership and management roles in advancing pharmacy practice in their hospital and their country. International sites may apply for accreditation of their Advanced Pharmacy Practice residency program if they have an ASHP-accredited International Pharmacy Practice residency program.

The International Pharmacy Practice Residency Program Accreditation Standard, corresponding required competencies, educational goals and objectives, guidance documents and other resources are included on this site for your reference. ASHP Practice Advancement Office staff contact information is also included for questions or for more information.

Residency Accreditation Documents

Advanced Residency Accreditation Documents

Applying for Accreditation 

Residency Program Resources

Interested Applicants

If you are interested in applying for accreditation, please review the following process:

Step 1
Review the accreditation standards and other materials on ASHP's website. For programs interested in the Accreditation Standard for International Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs, contact ASHP at [email protected] with questions or to express interest. For programs interested in the PGY1 Accreditation Standard, contact ASHP at [email protected].

Step 2
ASHP will send a brief questionnaire to prospective program directors. This questionnaire describes a number of important aspects of the prospective residency site and program. A telephone conference call can be scheduled to review the questionnaire and discuss the accreditation process.

Step 3
Prospective programs may choose to seek consultation to assess pharmacy department and prospective program readiness. Prospective or existing programs may seek consultation to conduct a mock accreditation survey. The on-site readiness assessment includes advice on how to improve the residency program, improve pharmacy services, and prepare for an accreditation survey.

Step 4
The program will be sent a proposal for international pharmacy residency accreditation. The proposal includes a description of the accreditation process, responsibilities of the applicant and ASHP, and fee schedule. ASHP will also send an invoice for the fees:

  • A one-time application fee
  • An annual accreditation fee

Step 5
A program is eligible to apply for accreditation status after the program has enrolled its inaugural residency class and they have started the program. A completed application should be accompanied by the Residency Program Director's current curriculum vitae (CV). Please ensure documentation of substantial compliance with the requirements for residency program directors as specified in the applicable Accreditation Standard. Email to [email protected].

Step 6
An email confirmation from ASHP's Office of Practice Advancement will be sent when your application is received. ASHP will review the application, provide access to the online PharmAcademic residency program tool and create a listing in the ASHP online residency program directory.

Step 7
A survey team for an on-site review of the program will be scheduled only when there is at least one resident in the program.

  • A pre-survey checklist, self assessment questionnaire, and list of required documents are sent to the program. These documents are due to surveyors 45 days prior to the date of the on-site survey via upload to our cloud-based storage.
  • The surveyor will send a plan for the on-site survey.
  • A final written survey report will be sent to the chief executive officer, director of pharmacy and residency program director within 30 days following the on-site survey. The residency program director sends a written response to the survey report that outlines a plan of action, with timelines, to address any areas of non- or partial compliance from the ASHP survey report. This survey response report is due to ASHP within 45 days of receipt of the written survey report.

Step 8
The program's survey response report and survey findings are reviewed by the survey team and the ASHP International Accreditation Commission. If appropriate, the Commission will recommend accreditation of the program to the ASHP Board of Directors. The ASHP Board of Directors will consider the recommendation and make their decision regarding accreditation of the residency program. The accreditation term is determined by the International Accreditation Commission.

Step 9
Ongoing written reports to the ASHP International Accreditation Commission and the Practice Advancement Office are required as requested; each program is notified in advance of the due date of any report requested. (Reports are required for every accredited residency program at minimum every year; more frequent reports could be requested per the judgement of the Commission).