ASHP Innovation Center

The ASHP Innovation Center was created to further elevate the vital roles that hospital and health-system pharmacy practitioners and ASHP play in new and emerging science, and position pharmacy practitioners to influence the development of systems that advance the safety and quality of patient care.

The ASHP Innovation Center’s mission is to influence innovation and digital transformation in the safe and effective use of medicines through high-impact partnerships, education, advocacy, research, and entrepreneurship. The Center will build upon ASHP’s internationally-recognized reputation as an innovator, leader, and pioneer of numerous advances in pharmacy practice and healthcare, which have made health-system pharmacists the medication therapy specialists.  Focus areas include:

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Medication-Use Process
  • Telehealth Pharmacy Practice and Interprofessional Patient Care
  • Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine
  • Data Science in Pharmacy Practice and the Medication-Use Process
  • New Care Delivery Methods such as Digital Therapeutics
  • Research in Partnership with the ASHP Foundation