Pharmacogenomics AcceleratorTM

A national pharmacogenomics program implementation collaborative through which pharmacy leads adoption and implementation of pharmacogenomics services in health systems across the U.S.

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Pharmacogenomics AcceleratorWhat is the Pharmacogenomics Accelerator?

  • National learning experience designed to catalyze the implementation of clinical pharmacogenomics in health systems through implementation science framework
  • Combined effort between ASHP and University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy


Improving the health of millions across the U.S. by personalizing medication therapies based on each individual’s pharmacogenomic profile.

  1. Catalyze pharmacy leadership in pharmacogenomics service development.
  2. Accelerate the design and implementation of comprehensive pharmacogenomics services that demonstrate value to stakeholders (patients, health systems leaders, payers).
  3. Create an environment that supports shared learning and celebrates successes of leading-edge organizations investing in pharmacogenomics services.

Who are potential participants?

Health systems seeking to implement or grow pharmacogenomics services. Pathways within the program will support two groups of participants:

  1. Program leaders or clinical practitioners assuming responsibility for pharmacogenomic program implementation.
  2. Clinical practitioners seeking to enhance baseline clinical skills.

How can my site sign up for this program?

To learn more about the Pharmacogenomics Accelerator and sign up, please contact [email protected]. More information can also be found on the program's introductory webinar.