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Residency Program Design and Conduct Virtual Workshops

The workshops will be held live at the 2022 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition and as stand-alone virtual events in early 2023.

Save the date! RPDC Workshops to be held virtually, April 20-21, 2023. More information coming soon.

About the RPDC Workshops

Review accreditation standards for the design and conduct of a pharmacy residency program, including requirements related to program purpose, competency areas, goals, and objectives, program structure, learning experiences, orientation, use of preceptor roles, evaluation, resident development plans, and continuous residency program improvement.


  1. Identify the purpose and competency areas for a pharmacy residency and related accreditation requirements.
  2. Describe accreditation requirements for residency program structure and orientation.
  3. Describe accreditation requirements for learning experiences and their written descriptions, including requirements for resident learning activities.
  4. In specified scenarios, identify the most appropriate preceptor role to use with a resident.
  5. Distinguish whether examples of formative and summative feedback to residents meet accreditation requirements.
  6. In given examples, determine whether portions of resident development plans meet accreditation requirements, and identify ways to improve the plans.
  7. Describe accreditation requirements for continuous residency program improvement.


For more information on the in-person workshops, visit

For more information on the virtual workshops, visit