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ASHP Daily Briefing

Keeping up with important news on medical issues and health care is a never-ending, time-consuming challenge. There is too much information and too little time. To help you keep on top of it all, ASHP has partnered with Bulletin Healthcare to produce a daily customized briefing.

Each issue of ASHP Daily Briefing:

  • Summarizes the most relevant news stories from thousands of sources;
  • Contains news from sources that may not be monitored or known to ASHP members;
  • Goes to ASHP members only;
  • Is sent daily before 9 a.m. ET;
  • Features unique content.

ASHP Daily Briefing will arrive in members' email inbox Monday through Friday mornings. Members can use it to start their day with a collection of timely, relevant medical and health care news selected from thousands of credible newspaper, television, radio, and journal sources.

To ensure receipt of these emails each weekday, ASHP members should add [email protected] to their email address book. Members whose computer has a spam filter should change the settings to allow email from this address.

Anyone who does not want to receive ASHP Daily Briefing can opt out at any time by following the easy instructions at the bottom of each Briefing.

Anyone who opted to stop receiving ASHP Daily Briefing and wants to resume, please email us.

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