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Member Spotlight Gallery

10/9/2021 Pharmacy Educator

Sarah McIntosh

Clinical Pharmacist

10/5/2021 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Erin Wei

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

10/5/2021 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

Maheen Khan

Director of Pharmacy and Imaging

10/4/2021 Pharmacy Technician

Jim Pavlick

Why I do what I do: The reason and meaning behind why I even pursued a career in the pharmacy/healthcare field has not changed. I wanted to contribute to a bigger goal of safely caring for others. I found my skill and contribution when I became a technician and more specifically in IV compounding.

10/2/2021 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Maria Bowen

Medication Safety & Drug Information Specialist

9/29/2021 Pharmacy Educator

Ashley Smith


9/23/2021 Pharmacy Educator

Pete Johnson

Professor and President's Associate Presidential Professor

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