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NPF Advisory Groups

The ASHP New Practitioners Forum has six advisory groups that provide advice and guidance to the Forum regarding the unique needs of new practitioner members and how these needs might be addressed by the provision of resources and programs by ASHP. 

  • Learn more about the responsibilities of an advisory group member.
  • See below for eligibility requirements and application information.

** 2022-2023 NPF Advisory Groups**

  • Career & Leadership Development Advisory Group (CLAG)
    • Scope: Support career and leadership development in advancing the evolving needs of new practitioner members as they navigate career transitions.
  • Clinical Practice Advisory Group (CPAG)
    • Scope: Support new practitioners with clinical and practice resources to optimize the care they provide to their patients. 
  • Membership & Outreach Advisory Group (MOAG)
    • Scope: Promote NPF membership and engage new practitioners through active involvement in ASHP.
  • Personal Development Advisory Group (PDAG)
    • Scope: Foster confident and resilient new practitioners by supporting initiatives that promote personal development.
  • Practice Advancement & Advocacy Advisory Group (PAAAG)
    • Scope: Facilitate new practitioner engagement in advocacy and practice advancement initiatives. 
  • Resident Advancement Advisory Group (RAAG)
    • Scope: Support the career development of pharmacy residents and their evolving educational and informational needs.

2021-2022 Advisory Groups
Career Development Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Identify and create resources to foster professional identity formation with a focus on the transition from a new practitioner to an experienced practitioner.
  • Highlight advanced roles and innovative models for pharmacy student internship programs.
  • Identify and create resources focused on combatting imposter syndrome as a new practitioner.
  • Evaluate existing resources for writing letters of recommendation and develop resources for practitioners writing their first letter of recommendation.


  • Jesseca Keller - Chair
  • Charnae Ross  - Executive Committee Liaison

View Career Development Advisory Group Roster

Clinical Practice Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Develop educational content based upon the Forum’s educational needs.
  • Create member resource(s) related to emerging clinical practice areas (e.g., telehealth, pharmacogenomics, public health, etc.).
  • Refer to the 2019-20 research resources gap analysis to identify additional opportunities to support new practitioners with conducting research in clinical practice.


  • Shelbi Vincent - Chair
  • Kristy Nguyen - Executive Committee Liaison

View Clinical Practice Advisory Group Roster

Leadership Development Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Engage ASHP Fellows (FASHP) to share career advice for new practitioners.
  • Identify best practices and supportive resources to engage and lead a diverse workforce.
  • Reflect on how new practitioners can assume formal and informal leadership roles and design content around lessons learned from experienced leaders to succeed in these roles.
  • Review existing ASHP content related to professional communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict management/resolution and develop additional related content specific to new practitioners.


  • Chelsea N. Rodriguez – Chair
  • Angela Chu - Executive Committee Liaison

View Leadership Development Advisory Group Roster

Legislative Affairs Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Assist with identifying best practices focused on driving adoption of the PAI 2030 recommendations to assist members as they look to advance practice and navigate the complexities of changing landscape due to COVID.
  • Promote and provide feedback on new ASHP PAI 2030 State Affiliate toolkit in conjunction with ASHP Office of Practice Advancement.  
  • Collaborate with the ASHP Government Relations team to raise awareness of ASHP advocacy efforts and professional practice issues.
  • Highlight and promote members who have achieved unique and innovative practice and advocacy wins within their practice setting.


  • Hyesoo Chae – Chair
  • Erin Boswell - Executive Committee Liaison

View Legislative Affairs Advisory Group Roster

Membership and Outreach Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Promote opportunities for members, including students, to get involved with ASHP and engage with the Forum and beyond.
  • Plan and execute NPF Networking Session at 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • Support the NPF Twitter account (@ASHP_NPF) through content calendar management.
  • Identify opportunities to support SSHP members and promote opportunities and benefits of professional organizational involvement post-graduation.


  • William J. Moore  – Chair
  • Emily Belarski - Executive Committee Liaison

View Membership and Outreach Advisory Group Roster

Resident Advancement Advisory Group

2021 - 2022 Charges:

  • Support the transition from student pharmacist to resident through development of a gap analysis of existing ASHP resources.
  • Develop resources targeted toward mentors and preceptors on best practices for assisting residents and students applying for Phase II of the Match or participating in the scramble.
  • Perform a gap analysis of current needs and responsibilities of New Practitioners Forum outreach at local or regional residency conferences.
  • Create resource(s) to assist candidates in identifying residency programs that best fit and meet their personal and professional needs.


  • Alex R. Mills– Chair
  • Charnae Ross - Executive Committee Liaison

View Resident Advancement Advisory Group Roster

Advisory Group Eligibility Requirements

The Chair of the New Practitioners Forum will appoint new practitioners to each advisory group for a September - May term. Advisory groups communicate primarily via e-mail and conference call on a periodic basis. Attendance at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting is encouraged as the advisory group members have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Prior elected / appointed leadership is NOT required, however, appointments are competitive. 

All nominees must:

  • Be a member of ASHP.
  • Graduated from pharmacy school in the past five years. 
  • Willing to participate in all conference call meetings throughout the year.

Application Instructions

Step 1: Complete the electronic application form. (Opens in February) 

Step 2: Submit the following information via the above electronic application:

  • CV
  • A brief statement describing your ASHP AG interest (250 words or less)
  • Note: For individuals seeking appointment as an Advisory Group Chair, you will be prompted to address your leadership style and meeting management skills in the application.

The deadline to apply is May 1. If you have any questions, please contact ASHP New Practitioners Forum: [email protected].