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NPF Executive Committee Message

Kellie L.E. Musch
Pharm.D., M.S.

June 2021

Hi New Practitioners!

Hard to believe that this academic year is coming to an end. Like many of you, I have been using this time of transition to do some reflection. Despite the countless stressors that we have been faced with over the last year, the growth and output from the New Practitioners Forum has reached all time high as our membership continues to push the envelope.

The New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee started their term in June of 2020. At this time, we were not sure of what we would encounter in the year ahead. We pushed forward with intentional strategic plan updates, appointing 120 advisory group members, developing 31 charges for the 6 groups including all group charges for each advisory group for the first time, and continued development of our relationship with the Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists (SCSS) with a dedicated new practitioner liaison. Additionally, we spent time intentionally focusing on improved communication between the executive committee and our members, strengthening our partnership with the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee, and managed a transition to an interim ASHP Staff Director. Along the way, we adapted each and every process to meet the ever-changing environment that was this year. 

Our 120 Advisory Group Members are on track to complete over 70 unique projects for this term, which is more than double what was originally outlined for them! Some of work includes:

  • ASHP Connect postings each month in the New Practitioner Community on New and Emerging Drug Therapies
  • ASHP Podcasts covering topics such as CV formatting for nontraditional roles in pharmacy, precepting models to combat burnout and maintain wellbeing and resilience, leadership conversations, interviewing tips, a wellness podcast series, ASHP Virtual Midyear prepMatch Day resources, and more! See the most recently released podcasts below.
  • Live webinars including how to get involved with ASHP NPF, a roundtable for newly matched incoming residents, and navigating research successfully as a new practitioner.
  • Trialed a new networking format at ASHP Midyear Meeting and hosted a new Trivia Night in May!
  • Finding ways to support our members as they have encountered new challenges by creating tip sheets and infographics on virtual learning, marketing yourself in a virtual environment, PPS and Midyear preparation, wellness throughout COVID-19, and PAI case studies.
  • Multiple gap analyses to support future work surrounding preceptor resources, mentorship programs, and wellbeing resources!

One of the biggest successes in the New Practitioners Forum was the launch of the @ASHP_NPF Twitter account! Here are a few milestones to highlight:

  • Launched on August 1st, 2020 and has reached 876 followers as of May 12th which averages about 100 new followers each month.
  • From February to May 2021, the page achieved greater than 330,000 impressions.
  • To date, 813 unique tweets have been shared including four original and successful Twitter chats, numerous threads, and have collaborated with each of the six NPF advisory groups for content.
  • Thank you to our Membership and Outreach Advisory Group for launching this account and brining and idea to reality!
  • Follow us there for more content, chats, and networking!

As I finish my term as your New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee Chair and time as a New Practitioner, I am filled with joy to see our rapid growth in membership, engagement, and project output. We continue to find member needs and meet them in unique ways. I am so proud of the work YOU have achieved! I look forward to seeing how the Forum continues to grow and flourish in the future.

So New Practitioner – what successes and wins do you have for this academic year? Your journey as a New Practitioner is unique and your fellow members are here to support you! If you have other ideas, send your Executive Committee ideas for ways we can better support YOU at


Kellie L.E. Musch, Pharm.D., M.S.
Chair, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee
Site Manager, Pharmacy Services; OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, Columbus, OH