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NPF Executive Committee Message

Claire Latiolais
Pharm.D., M.S.


November 2019

Hello New Practitioners, 

October has come to a close and the holiday season is soon approaching. With this time of year, we are also approaching the November 15th deadline for nominations to the ASHP Councils and Committees.  Annually, the ASHP President-Elect appoints members to the ASHP Councils and Committees. These appointments bring amazing thoughts and ideas from around the country and provide our members an opportunity to represent their profession on a national level. 

Why apply:
Being involved with ASHP on a national level through the entirety of my time as a new practitioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career. As my time as a new practitioner nears an end, I am reflecting on the number of people I have met through ASHP that have helped shape the practitioner I am today.  I am excited to continue giving back and work with these amazing colleagues to truly make a different for our profession. I encourage you to consider the next level of your involvement this year by recommending yourself or a colleague. Please take time to review the various opportunities for new practitioner involvement as highlighted below:

ASHP Councils: 
The five Councils (Education and Workforce Development, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Practice, Public Policy, and Therapeutics) are the primary bodies that initiate ASHP policies on professional issues and advise the Board on ASHP activities within their respective purview. Each of the councils is comprised of both seasoned and new practitioners, as well as one student from around the country. Please take time to consider if your areas of expertise would bring insight to these councils. 

ASHP Committees: 
New practitioners have the opportunity to apply for one the New Practitioners Forum's five Executive Committee (EC) positions. The EC advises ASHP on programs and services related to the interests of their group and make policy related to their purview. Additionally, each EC member oversees the work of one of the Forum's six advisory groups (Career Development, Clinical Practice, Leadership Development, Legislative Affairs, Membership and Outreach, and Resident Advancement). 

ASHP Commissions:
There are two Commissions the new practitioners have the opportunity to involved with (Affiliate Relations and Credentialing). Commissions are also comprised of both seasoned and new practitioners, students, as well as some contain members from other pharmacy organizations. 

How to apply:
Information can be found on the ASHP website. You can recommend yourself, have someone else recommend you, or recommend a colleague.  ASHP President-Elect, Thomas J. Johnson, will appoint members with terms starting summer 2020. The deadline for application submission through the online portal is November 15th, 2019

Claire Latiolais, Pharm.D., M.S.
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee 

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