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Policy Positions

ASHP develops official professional policies in the form of policy positions and guidance documents for the continuum of pharmacy practice settings in integrated health systems. Professional policies contain varying levels of detail.

Policy positions are short pronouncements on one aspect of practice. Statements express basic philosophy, and guidelines (including what were formerly called "technical assistance bulletins") offer programmatic advice. Therapeutic position statements are concise responses to specific therapeutic issues, and therapeutic guidelines are thorough, evidence-based recommendations on drug use.

Active ASHP Policy Positions

The documents (PDF) listed below contain all active ASHP policy positions (1982-2021) on a specific topic. More detailed policy on those topics may be found in the related ASHP statements and guidelines.

Automation and Information Technology

Compensation and Reimbursement

Drug Distribution

Drug Distribution and Control

Drug Products, Labeling, and Packaging

Education and Training


Formulary Management

Government, Law, and Regulation

Human Resources

Medication Safety

Organization and Delivery of Services

Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing

Pharmacy Management

Practice Settings

Preparation and Handling


Specific Practice Areas

ASHP Policy Positions, 1982–2021

All active ASHP policy positions from 1982 through 2021 are collected in the documents below:

ASHP Policy Positions 1982-2021 (with rationale, 2009-2021) [PDF]

ASHP Policy Positions 1982-2021 (with rationale, 2009-2021) [DOC]

2021 House of Delegates Approved Policy Positions

The ASHP policy positions approved by the 2021 ASHP House of Delegates are collected in the document below:

Policies Approved by the 2021 House of Delegates

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