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Medication Therapy and Patient Care

Policy Positions

Organization and Delivery of Services [PDF]


Confidentiality of Patient Health Care Information [PDF]

Health-System Pharmacist's Role in National Health Care Quality Initiatives [PDF]

Hospitalist-Pharmacist Collaboration [PDF]

Pharmaceutical Care [PDF]

Roles of Pharmacy Technicians [PDF]


Pharmacist-Conducted Patient Education and Counseling [PDF]

Standardized Method for Pharmaceutical Care [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in the Development, Implementation, and Assessment of Critical Pathways [PDF]

Documenting Pharmaceutical Care in Patient Medical Records [PDF]

Specific Practice Areas

Policy Positions

Specific Practice Areas [PDF]


Pharmacist’s Role in Antimicrobial Stewardship [PDF]

Pharmacist's Role in Clinical Pharmacogenomics [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Clinical Pharmacokinetic Monitoring [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Medication Reconciliation [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Primary Care [PDF]

Pharmacist's Role in Public Health [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Substance Abuse Prevention, Education, and Assistance [PDF] 

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare [PDF]

Role of Health-System Pharmacists in Emergency Preparedness [PDF]

Role of Health-System Pharmacists in Public Health PDF]

Use of Dietary Supplements [PDF]


Emergency Medicine Pharmacist Services [PDF] Updated in 2020!

Perioperative Pharmacy Services [PDF] Revised in 2018!

Pharmacist Involvement in HIV Care [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Palliative and Hospice Care [PDF] New in 2016!

Pharmacist's Role in Providing Drug Information [PDF]

Pharmacy Services in Solid Organ Transplantation [PDF] New in 2019!

Providing Pediatric Pharmaceutical Services [PDF]

Pharmacist’s Role in Immunization [PDF]

Endorsed Documents

ASHP-ACCP-SCCM-CPG-Position Paper on Critical Care Pharmacy Services: 2020 Update [PDF]

An Opinion Paper Outlining Recommendations for Training, Credentialing, and Documenting and Justifying Critical Care Pharmacy Services

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