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Welcome to the ASHP Emergency Medicine Resource Center! This member-maintained site contains a compilation of essential resources that pharmacists of all experience levels may find helpful for developing their practice, expanding their knowledge base, and keeping up-to-date on new developments within Emergency Medicine. 

Explore the Resource Center! Here you can find: 

Expertly Curated Articles and Guidelines: Navigate through a curated collection of Emergency Medicine articles and guidelines tailored to tackle specific patient care issues. When seconds count, find the information you need swiftly and effectively.

Dynamic Podcasts, Insightful Blogs, and Essential Websites: Immerse yourself in a curated collection podcasts, blogs and essential websites related to Emergency Medicine.

Guidance for your Emergency Medicine Practice: Find resources include strategic insights and actionable tips for creating or expanding an Emergency Medicine Pharmacist position.

Best Practice Ideas for Emergency Medicine: Spark inspiration with a reservoir of best practice ideas, offering innovative approaches to elevate your Emergency Medicine practice. 

Educational Offerings Tailored for You: Immerse yourself in ASHP's curated educational offerings, meticulously designed with the Emergency Medicine practitioner in mind. Offerings include past and current educational resources tailored to fuel your professional growth.

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