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Compounding is an essential part of pharmacy practice and crucial for patients who are unable to use commercially available formulations of medications.  Applying new standards and understanding the risks associated with compounding is a critical aspect of medication and patient safety. 

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) provides guidelines that inform pharmacies on best practices. They recently published their latest revisions to the compounding USP chapters <797> and <795>, which will be made official on November 1, 2023.  As the leading provider of sterile and nonsterile compounding resources in the industry, we are dedicated to providing our members and customers with timely, accurate, and complete information that incorporates the new standards. 

2023 USP Chapter <797> and <795> Revisions

ASHP has compiled the following documents to help inform pharmacies on the USP <797> and <795> changes and as assets to be used during implementation of the new standards to ensure compliance prior to the November 1, 2023 deadline. Resources accompanied with the lock symbol. Member Only Lock Icon are exclusively for ASHP members. If you are not currently a member, join today to access these documents.

New Compounding Resources and Products

Below find the latest ASHP products that can be used to help you or your pharmacy staff prepare and implement the new USP <797> and <795> standards. ASHP is the leading provider of sterile and nonsterile compounding resources and we are dedicated to provide timely and important information to our members and customers.

Product use categories: Yellow Circle Sterile, Blue Square Nonsterile, Hazardous,  Institutional

Chapter 797 Answer Book

NEW! The Chapter <797> Answer Book

Yellow Circle Sterile,   Institutional

Compounding Competency Assessment Center - CCAC  (Formerly CSPCL)

NEW! The Chapter <795> Answer Book

Blue Square Nonsterile,  Institutional

Compounded Sterile Preparations Certificate for Pharmacists

Yellow Circle Sterile, Institutional

Compounding Competency Assessment Center

Yellow Circle Sterile, Blue Square Nonsterile, Hazardous,  Institutional

Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center

 Yellow Circle Sterile, Blue Square Nonsterile, Hazardous,  Institutional

Chapter 795 Answer Book

BCSCP Intensive Studies

Yellow Circle Sterile, Institutional

Chapter 795 Answer Book

BCSCP Specialty Selected Readings

Yellow Circle Sterile, Institutional

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Meetings and Conferences

ASHP Summer Meetings 2023, Be Bold, Be More

The 2023 ASHP Summer Meetings offers focused programming in six areas, including Sterile Product Compounding. Featured sessions include:

  • What Leaders Need to Know About Compounding: 170 Days to Comply with Revised USP Standards
  • Cleanroom Excursions: Don’t Let Issues Compound
  • Monthly Surface Sampling in the Cleanroom: Developing a Viable Plan

The Summer Meetings also provides 6 hours of BPS-approved recertification credit for Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacists (BCSCP) through 3 live and 3 enduring credit hours. Learn more about the Intensive Studies Package available at the ASHP Summer Meetings.

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