Medication Safety Resource Center

Acting as the last line of defense, pharmacist leverage their medication expertise to significantly contribute to preventing medication errors, reducing patient harm and ensuring medication use will be optimal, safe and effective for all patients.

ASHP plays a pivotal role in advancing medication safety through professional development, continuing education, and practice resources to equip pharmacist with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance overall medication safety standards and promote safe medication practices.

The Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners is hosting two webinars on medication safety topics:

May 15
Off-Label Medication-Use and Safety

Expert speakers will give examples of institution specific off-label medication-use process improvements in a variety of settings including pediatrics and cancer care.

May 22
ASHP Safety and Quality Residency Gems 2024

This session will showcase projects that are innovative, required multidisciplinary collaboration, and show substantial improvements to the medication use process.


Find the latest ASHP resources available related to medication safety. ASHP is the leading provider of medication safety related resources, and we are dedicated to provide timely and important information to our members and customers.

medication safety

Medication Safety [Module]

  • Over 15 key competencies
  • 10+ hours of CE


Medication Safety

Medication Safety Certificate

  • 41 contact hours
  • 15 activities
Pediatric Injectable Drugs, 12th Edition (The Teddy Bear Book)

Pediatric Injectable Drugs, 12th Edition

The Teddy Bear Book is one of the ASHP’s most recognized and trusted resources.

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AJHP Medication Safety and Drug Safety Collection

Covering all aspects of drug therapy and pharmacy practice specific to hospitals.

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Safe Medication Website

ASHP’s is a valuable tool for pharmacist, pharmacy technicians and practitioners seeking to provide their patients with resources regarding their medications. Written by pharmacists, the Pharmacist Insights articles offer easy-to-read content that include information about prescription and over the counter medications, vaccines, tips for taking or giving medications, and answers to common safety questions. Pharmacist Insight articles are available for licensing alongside ASHP’s Patient Medication Information (PMI) database or separately. ASHP’s PMI database includes more than 1,500 monographs available in both English and Spanish. These fact sheets provide essential details about safely using medications that can be easily integrated directly into your website or software application, providing monthly updates to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available. 




Pharmacy Futures 2024

The 2024 ASHP Pharmacy Futures Meeting will bring together pharmacy practitioners, practice leaders and preceptors to explore the cutting edge of clinical pharmacy practice to collaborate, innovate and shape the future of practice. Pharmacy Futures will offer clinical programming in multiple areas including continuing education on medication safety.

  • The Joint Commission Update 2024
  • ISMP 2024: Forward Facing Strategies for the Future of Medication Safety
  • Joint Commission: You Are the Surveyor, Part 1: Focus on Medication Management
  • Joint Comission: You Are the Surveryor, Part 2: Focus on Compounding Processes
  • Psychological Safety and Just Culture: Future Focus for Organizational Well-Being
  • Empowering Pharmacist Practice change: Using Implementation Science Methods for Opioid Use Disorder
  • Train the Trainer: Peer Support Workshop for Second Victim Program Implementation

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