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ASHP is the leading provider of opioid, non-opioid analgesic, and MOUD related education and resources. We are dedicated to providing timely and important information to our members and customers. Whether you're seeking in-depth knowledge about opioid pharmacology, counseling techniques for patients with OUD, or the latest legislative updates, our user-friendly platform is your go-to resource.

Below you will find news, updates, guidance documents, and resources to help you and your staff in their roles as patient care providers.

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ASHP Products and Resources

Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) Training Program 

Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) Training Program

This training program is self-guided, with online learning activities that have been created for pharmacists, physicians, and other advanced healthcare professionals who work or plan to work with medications for opioid use disorder.



Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center

Designed for pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff looking to stay current with changes in patient care and achieve high levels of competency in critical areas. Access to 60+ key competencies and skills assessments covering onboarding technician skills, clinical topics, pain management, opioid stewardship, regulatory compliance, and much more. CE Hours: 40+


ASHP Policy Positions

Official professional policies related to pain management and MOUD for the continuum of pharmacy practice settings in integrated health systems. Access Here.

  • ASHP Policy: 2211 Naloxone Availability
  • ASHP Policy: 2241 Human Use of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • ASHP Policy: 2245 Substance Use Disorder
  • ASHP Policy: 2254 Pain Management
  • ASHP Policy: 2145 Reduction of Unused Prescription Drug Products
  • ASHP Policy: 2004 Evaluation of Abuse-Deterrent Drug Mechanisms
  • ASHP Policy: 2026 Gabapentin as a Controlled Substance
  • ASHP Policy: 2035 Role of the Pharmacy Workforce in Violence Prevention
  • ASHP Policy: 2042 Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention
  • ASHP Policy: 2041 Safety of Intranasal Route as an Alternative Route of Administration
  • ASHP Policy: 1909 Pharmacist Authority to Provide Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • ASHP Policy: 1713 Partial Filling of Schedule II Prescriptions
  • ASHP Policy: 1603 Stewardship of Drugs with Potential for Abuse
  • ASHP Policy: 1607 Use of Methadone to Treat Pain