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Fundraising and Philanthropy

What happens when membership dues simply aren’t enough? How do you find supplemental sources of income? The needs are real, whether you’re looking to support students attending the Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition, purchase lunch for an SSHP meeting, or donate to a worthy cause.

Assess what you have going for you, and leverage that into cash:

  • Enthusiasm—In this, your group is already rich beyond measure.
  • Experience—Your social network offers endless access to what other organizations do to raise funds, and to judge what appeals to you.
  • Creativity—Within your group is boundless creativity to transform ideas into something unique.
  • SSHP Faculty Advisor—Tap into this resource and others on your campus to ensure that your fundraising activities are “legit” and in compliance with existing policies.
  • ASHP Membership—We are here to link you to SSHP members from all across the country. Use the ASHP Connect Discussion Board to pick up ideas and share yours, as well. You are now on your way to endless options! Provided below are few ideas to get you started.

For additional SSHP or philanthropy fundraising ideas, access the ASHP Connect to reach out to SSHP members across the country. Share ideas and create new ones.

Fundraisers for SSHPs

ASHP Student Society Publications Program

Here is an opportunity for students to purchase ASHP publications at a discounted price and for your student society to earn money—all at the same time!

It is easy! Review the titles published by ASHP and gather your peers to decide which textbooks, review guides or resources you are most interested in. Depending on interest, choose the top titles to sell. It is helpful to have students commit to purchasing the title(s) before contacting ASHP. Students can purchase the titles at the ASHP member price and receive a discount for bulk orders.

How does the student society earn money from these sales? Your student society receives an additional 10% discount in addition to the bulk discount percentage. For example, if your SSHP sells 25 copies of a title, the students receive a 20% discount off of the member price. The SSHP then receives a 30% discount off of the title and pays that amount to ASHP. In other words, the SSHP makes 10% of every title’s member price that is sold and the student receives textbooks and resources at great discounts! Request a price estimate for your SSHP Fundraiser.

Bulk Discount Table

Number of Copies Discount off List Price
(Student Price)
(SSHP Price)
5-9 10% 20%
10-24 15% 25%
25-49 20% 30%
50-99 25% 35%
100 or more 30% 40%
* Shipping and handling costs will apply. Visit ASHP Store for a full schedule. If you are interested in the fundraiser and would like more details, please contact ASHP Marketing division.

Business Card Sale

Sell business cards with the student’s name and school of pharmacy logo on it. This is a great way for students to hand out their information and network with other professionals. Great for internships, rotations, residency showcases and job searches!

Finals Survival Kits

Ease stress levels at the end of the semester with a finals survival kit! Fill bags with goodies such as chocolate, popcorn, highlighters, ink-pens, notecards and a t-shirt. Send order forms to the parents or significant others of all of the students early in the semester. Encourage them to order the kits for their pharmacy student and allow adequate time for the order form to be returned to the SSHP. Deliver the kits the week before final exams.

Mortar and Pestles

Sell collectable mortar and pestles with your school of pharmacy logo and/or personalized engraving (e.g., Student Name, Pharm.D. Class of 2017).

Travel Mugs

All pharmacy students depend on their daily doses of caffeine! Sell travel mugs with your school of pharmacy logo.

White Coat Patches

Sell school of pharmacy patches for your white coat. If designed well, they look sharp and professional!

Fundraisers for Philanthropy

ASHP Foundation

Interested in improving medication-use safety? Eager to raise the bar of excellence for health-system pharmacists? Students can now do this through a tax deductible contribution to the ASHP Foundation. Best yet, you can make this gift In Honor Of a special professor or preceptor. You can give online or download the contribution form, print it and fill it in, then fax it to the number at the bottom of the form. Check out our Student Fact Sheet [PDF] to see how the Foundation can benefit you.