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Health Information Technology

ASHP Leadership Agenda Item

Influence the development and implementation of health information technologies and standards that help improve patient care outcomes through the leadership of pharmacists.


Health information technologies are becoming increasingly important in all aspects of health care. With the implementation of health care reform, technology will not only be considered helpful, it will be considered a standard of patient care. Pharmacy itself has been continually evolving to become a highly technologically dependent profession. As this occurs, careers as a pharmacist in Information Technologies are already becoming increasingly important, especially within health systems.

Because of the growing demand, expanding opportunities, and ASHP’s stance, SSHPs are encouraged to implement a project highlighting Information Technologies.


  • To foster innovative opportunities for pharmacy students to gain exposure to the growing field of Information Technologies;
  • To introduce pharmacy students to a fresh perspective on some of the various career options in the profession of pharmacy;
  • To assist students ability to better understand the use and best-practices of technology in the medication use process; and
  • To provide networking opportunities for students interesting in this growing career option

SSHP Project Ideas

Develop an IT pharmacists mentorship program in which students can build relationships with local, state, and national perspectives in the field.

  • Create a professional network for interested students on your campus; and
  • Coordinate shadowing experiences with local health-system informatics pharmacists

Partner with local IT professionals to provide elective coursework or seminar opportunities for students and local practitioners.

Strengthen the “Triad” relationship between your SSHP and state affiliate by learning and discussing these cutting edge topics together.


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