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To help with your membership drive and SSHP meeting programming, below you will find several template presentations. If you are the presenter, please refer to the notes within the presentations for talking points and background information.

Membership Recruitment

Introduction to the Pharmacy Student Forum [PPT]
Introduction to ASHP and the Pharmacy Student Forum, includes opportunities for student involvement in a national pharmacy organization.

SSHP Overview [PPT]
Overview of the relationship between SSHP/State Affiliate/ASHP and detailed explanation of the ASHP-SSHP Recognition Program.

SSHP Template [PPT]
Customizable template for individual SSHP use with suggested content to highlight activities, events, and programming.

Career Information

Introduction to Careers in Acute and Ambulatory Practice [PPT]
Introduction to careers in acute and ambulatory practice with information on practice settings, specialties, responsibilities, education, and training.

Communication and Engagement Tools

Guide to Utilizing ASHP Connect for the Pharmacy Student [PPT]
Introduction to ASHP Connect and guide for utilizing this professional social network, includes information about the network and also allows you to customize with your SSHP information.

Practice Advancement Initiative

Introduction to ASHP's Practice Advancement Initiative [PPT]
Overview of PAI, why it's important, and how students can get involved.