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SSHP Grassroots Advocacy Efforts

Students and Advocacy

In order to ensure pharmacists are recognized as medication experts within the healthcare system, it is essential for pharmacists to be engaged in policy and advocacy initiatives taking place both locally and nationally. These initiatives are key to facilitating the implementation of medication-related changes in health systems. With a changing health care system and pending reform, all pharmacists must have an active voice to continue to develop the profession in the right direction.

As the future of the pharmacy profession, student pharmacists must take an active role in policy development and legislative advocacy. SSHPs are strongly encouraged to participate in policy and legislative advocacy. Below are a few ideas and resources to help you get started.

Information for SSHPs

  • SSHP Advocacy Resources [PDF]
    • Looking for ideas on advocacy-related events and initiatives at your SSHP? This guide will help get you started
    • Includes:
      • SSHP Advocacy Event Ideas
      • Advocacy Resources for your SSHP Policy Chair or advocacy representative
  • How-To: SSHP Policy Chair Implementation [PDF]
    • Your SSHP might have a robust advocacy portfolio or you may just be getting started. Whether you have a dedicated SSHP Policy Chair position or considering to expand policy responsibilities among your peers, this guide can help you with the basics
  • ASHP Webinar on Students and Advocacy [Video]
    •  This webinar discusses ways to engage students and SSHPs in advocacy, and features Dr. Melanie Dodd as she discusses her involvement with ASHP and state-based legislative initiatives.

Information for students