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SSHP Member Processing and Submission Guide

ASHP is here to support your SSHP in your membership and recruitment needs. We have developed a step-by-step guide for your SSHP membership officers to help with navigating student member recruitment, renewals, data collection and processing. Please review the process outlined below and the FAQs, on how to properly submit your membership rosters to ASHP for processing. We encourage all SSHPs to submit their membership rosters by October 1st of each year.

  1. Prepare your recruitment forms
    1. Download the pre-formatted SSHP Roster  [Excel]
    2. Download and distribute ASHP’s Paper Application [PDF] or print your customized application to distribute to prospective and existing members (optional)

  2. Conduct your membership drives
    1. Use ASHP’s recruitment package shipped directly to your SSHP which includes print brochures, giveaways, and other helpful tools designed to aid in your recruitment campaign
    2. Access ASHP’s Membership Resources for Student Societies for additional recruitment tools and resources such as the customizable presentations and toolkitst

  3. Collect membership application forms from your SSHP new and renewing members and transfer data to the pre-formatted SSHP Roster template.
    1. ASHP paper application forms are provided to facilitate data collection for your SSHP. You will NOT be asked to submit paper application forms to ASHP for membership processing.
    2. SSHPs who wish to hold one combined membership drive for their SSHP, the state affiliate organization and ASHP are encouraged to create their own custom membership application. Reference ASHP’s Student Membership Custom Application Guidelines.

  4. Submit your roster and contact information using the following button. ROSTER SUBMISSION
    1. Submitting the student membership information using the pre-formatted SSHP Roster is required.
      1.  Please separate P1 students into a unique submission or separate spreadsheet highlight/tab. This will allow us to immediately process the P1 memberships even while payment is pending from the SSHP. Students in their second through final professional year will be processed after payment has been received.
      2. Please do not include students in the roster that were previously processed or renewed their membership online. If you need to make corrections to your roster indicate so in the comments or e-mail us at [email protected].
    2. In order to allow for accurate and timely processing of ASHP memberships, please fill out the spreadsheet in its entirety. Incomplete rosters cannot be processed and will result in membership delays.
    3. Please do NOT e-mail your roster. All rosters must be submitted via the above link.

  5. Submit your payment to ASHP. Payment may be submitted through any of the following methods:

    1. Check: Mailed to: ASHP
      PO Box 38061
      Baltimore, MD 21297-8061
      Include: paper copy of the roster and a letter of explanation accompanying the check. The letter should indicate how many students the check is intended to cover and what the price breakdown is for each person. (Ex. 150 students at $XX each for new memberships & 130 student renewals at $XX each). To find ASHP’s annual student membership rate please visit our ASHP join page.

    2. Direct Deposit:
      Beneficiary Bank: Capital One Bank
      Bank Address: 10700 Capital One Way, Glen Allen, VA 23060
      ABA Number: 065000090
      Beneficiary Acct Number: 1361074781
      Beneficiary Acct Name: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

    3. Wire Transfer: 
      Beneficiary Bank: Capital One Bank
      Address: 10700 Capital One Way, Glen Allen, VA 23060
      ABA Number: 065000090
      Beneficiary Acct Number: 1361074781
      SWIFT Code: HIBKUS44
      Note: SSHP is responsible for all transfer fees

  6. Allow 4-6 weeks from the time payment was submitted to ASHP for processing. Your SSHP will receive confirmation from ASHP on successful roster processing.
    1. Note: Payment must be received prior to ASHP processing any student memberships

Please free to contact us at [email protected] any time if you need additional information or have suggestions on collecting, submitting, or processing student memberships.