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About Pharmacy Technician Forum

A Membership Home for Pharmacy Technicians

The Membership Home for Pharmacy Technicians

Engage. Empower. Elevate.


The Pharmacy Technician Forum is the new membership home for pharmacy technicians, created to further elevate and professionalize the pharmacy technician workforce.


The ASHP Pharmacy Technician Forum serves as the collective voice for pharmacy technicians by supporting their advancement, professionalization, and engagement within ASHP.


Pharmacy technicians are healthcare practitioners, integral to achieving optimal patient care outcomes.

2023 – 2024 Strategic Goals

GOAL 1: Improve Patient Care by Enhancing the Well-being and Resilience of the Pharmacy Workforce


1. Advocate and collaborate with other technician workforce stakeholders related to pharmacy technician burn out and recovery in particular to crisis management and crisis survival
2. Develop and promote education resources to improve the well-being and resilience of pharmacy technicians
3. Investigate and evaluate the new and existing determinants of technician workforce burnout


GOAL 2: Advance the Creation of a Well-Defined Professional Career Path for Pharmacy Technicians by Elevating Their Patient Care Roles, Responsibilities, and Vital Contributions to Enhancing the Direct Patient Care Efforts of Pharmacists


  1. Advocate the value of the pharmacy technicians within the pharmacy and healthcare workforce
  2. Highlight advanced roles of pharmacy technicians and develop resources and toolkits 
  3. Promote professional development for pharmacy technicians and develop resources and toolkits

GOAL 3: Advocate for Laws, Regulations, and Standards That Improve Patient Care.


  1. Work with legislators, regulators, standards-setting groups and stakeholders to recognize and support the roles of pharmacy technicians as vital members of the patient care team at the state and federal level
  2. Support and advocate for standardized, accredited pharmacy technician education, training, PTCB certification, and registration or licensure for pharmacy technicians by engaging ASHP external stakeholders (ACPE, NABP, PTCB, etc.) and internal stakeholders (ASHP Affiliate Relations, Technician Accreditation, Member Relations, etc)

GOAL 4. Grow and Retain an Engaged and Diverse Membership


1. Increase member recruitment and retention of pharmacy technicians by anticipating their needs in key practice and professional areas 
2. Advocate for a diverse, equitable and inclusive pharmacy technician workforce

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Pharmacy Technician Development

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Manual for Pharmacy Technicians, 5th Edition

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