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PTF Advisory Groups and Committees

The ASHP Pharmacy Technician Forum has four advisory groups and an educational steering committee that provide advice and guidance to the Forum regarding the unique needs of technician members and how these needs might be addressed by the provision of resources, education, and programs by ASHP.

Learn more about the responsibilities of an advisory group and educational steering committee member.

Membership Outreach and eCommunications Advisory Group


The Membership Outreach and eCommunications Advisory Group identifies and highlights ASHP tools and resources that benefit ASHP pharmacy technician members and identifies opportunities to promote the integral role pharmacy technicians play as members of the healthcare team through various communications channels.


  • Identify opportunities and provide recommendations on ways to enhance pharmacy technician member engagement throughout ASHP;
  • Develop a social media campaign in coordination with the ASHP Communications Division, and in conjunction with the Forum’s other advisory groups, to showcase:
    • ASHP pharmacy technician members and their advanced roles;
    • Practice Advancement Initiatives and Best Practices that highlight pharmacy technicians.          

View Membership Outreach and eCommunications Advisory Group roster. 

Patient Care Quality Advisory Group


The Patient Care Quality Advisory Group advises and affects positive change on quality measures and other standards affecting the role of pharmacy technicians in the medication use process.


  • Address issues related to the well-being and resilience of pharmacy technicians;
  • Identify current and future pharmacy technician workforce needs;
  • Develop resources that assist pharmacy technician members to excel as healthcare practitioners, integral to achieving optimal patient care outcomes.

View Patient Care Quality Advisory Group roster.

Practice Advancement and Advocacy Advisory Group


The Practice Advancement and Advocacy Advisory Group develops and promotes communications to increase discussion and engagement, as well as educate ASHP pharmacy technicians on relevant and current advocacy efforts related to the professionalization and practice advancement of the pharmacy technician workforce.


  • Collaborate with ASHP Government Relations Division on strategies to involve pharmacy technicians in advocacy efforts, including planning for Advocacy Training and Legislative Day;
  • Summarize key advocacy efforts and provide quarterly updates on practice and workforce issues to ASHP pharmacy technicians.  

View Practice Advancement and Advocacy Advisory Group roster.

Professional and Career Ladder Development Advisory Group


The Professional and Career Ladder Development Advisory Group provides education and training materials for practicing pharmacy technicians and student pharmacy technicians.


  • Develop submissions for AJHP to support facets of pharmacy technician professional and career ladder development;
  • Review and develop Forum professional career ladder development resources of pharmacy technicians;
  • Plan educational and/or networking opportunities at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and ASHP Summer Meetings.

View Professional and Career Ladder Development Advisory Group roster.

Educational Steering Committee


The Educational Steering Committee develops broad, high level educational programming from the Forum for ASHP pharmacy technicians.


  • Develop educational programming and content to be used throughout the year including:
    • ASHP Summer Meetings;
    • ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting;
    • ASHP Leadership Conference;
    • Webinars;
    • T-designated CE to be used on;
  • Work with the Forum’s advisory groups to integrate relevant educational programming and content into Forum programming.

View Educational Steering Committee roster.

Eligibility Requirements

The Chair of the Pharmacy Technician Forum appoints technicians to advisory groups and the educational steering committee for a June - May term. These groups communicate primarily via e-mail and conference call on a periodic basis. Attendance at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting is encouraged but not required, as members have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Prior elected/appointed leadership is NOT required, however, appointments are competitive.

All nominees must be:

  • An ASHP technician member in good standing;  
  • Available to participate in all conference call meetings throughout the year.

Application Instructions

To apply to serve on an advisory group or the educational steering committee for the upcoming term, please complete the electronic application form by May 1. You will be asked to submit your resume and a short statement of interest as part of the application process. Individuals seeking appointment as the Chair will be prompted to address their meeting management skills.

If you have any questions, please contact the ASHP Pharmacy Technician Forum.

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