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PTF Advisory Group and Educational Steering Committee Responsibilities


  • Schedules and sets meeting agenda for all advisory group calls;
  • Facilitates advisory group discussions and ensures all members’ voices are heard;   
  • Facilitates advisory group priorities and productivity;
  • Assigns projects, roles, and other duties to members;   
  • Tracks member attendance, activities, and participation;   
  • Tracks progress of work group projects and sends monthly updates to the PTFEC and ASHP Staff Liaisons;
  • Informs PTFEC and ASHP Staff Liaisons if any advisory group member is unable to fulfill responsibilities;
  • Completes Midpoint and End-of-Year Reports for submission to the PTFEC;   
  • Attends the November and April PTFEC calls.   

Vice Chair

  • Plans advisory group meeting agendas with the Chair;
  • Coordinates the creation, approval, and posting of all advisory group meeting summaries/minutes;
  • Assists Chair with managing work group progress and completing necessary reports;
  • Performs duties of Chair if Chair is unable.

All Members

  • Participate in all advisory group activities (e.g. attend conference calls, participate in discussions, assist with work group projects, respond to requests in a timely manner, recommend issues for meeting agendas, etc.);
  • Make recommendations to and advise ASHP regarding important technician issues and needs;
  • Promote technician involvement in ASHP and PTF, such as through active participation and engagement on ASHP Connect, and promote PTF activities whenever applicable;
  • Abide by ASHP policies and respect the confidential nature of all discussions pertaining to ASHP and PTF activities;
  • May be appointed to be a work group leader with the following additional responsibilities:
    • Act as “Chair” of small working team
    • Create project plan in conjunction with work group members to help meet advisory group charges and submit to the advisory group Chair and Vice Chair for approval and direction
    • Keep advisory group Chair and Vice Chair informed of project progress;
    • Ensure project deadlines are met and outcomes are delivered.
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