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Our Portfolio

Our team of continuing education experts prides ourselves on developing innovative solutions to meet identified educational gaps. Below are descriptions of a few of our activities.

To see samples of currently-available ASHP Advantage online activities and publications, visit the ASHP Advantage eLearning catalog.  ASHP eLearning provides a robust selection of educational activities for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and has over 120,000 registered users.

Quality Improvement in Managing Patients at Risk for Venous Thromboembolism: Interventional Strategies

Venous ThromboembolismThis three-part, tiered, nationwide, interprofessional educational initiative was designed to increase rate of thromboprophylaxis and treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Targeted audiences were physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and case managers. Part I consisted of two web-based activities available on the initiative website. In part II, faculty conducted four regional workshops, and met with five selected sites for the Mentored Quality Improvement Impact ProgramSM. Participating sites met with faculty experts composed of physician/pharmacist teams on VTE prophylaxis/treatment practices. Finally, Part III, six live webinars on distinct topics were presented live, then archived for continued availability. This initiative yielded outcomes through Level 6 (Patient Health) outcomes and reached over 28,000 clinicians.

Gene Therapy and Gene Modifying Therapies 

A tiered educational initiative for pharmacists featuring live and on-demand activities on the clinical uses, operational considerations, and safe handling of these patient-centered therapies.

Interactive e-Newsletter: Gene Therapy: An Overview of Types of Gene Therapy and Guidelines for Product Development

Engaging the Experts Podcast: Listen to this faculty interview with William A. Zellmer for insight into assessing your institution's readiness to provide gene therapy to patients

Accelerating Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs

Antimicrobial Steward ProgramThis series of activities focused on implementing change in antimicrobial stewardship programs. These interprofessional activities were accredited for continuing medical education (CME) for physicians and physician assistants and continuing education (CE) for pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and nurses. These educational activities were based on the experiences of institutions involved in ASHP’s MENTORED QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IMPACT PROGRAMâ„ : Accelerating Antimicrobial Stewardship Activities. Applicants from a nationwide pool were chosen to participate in this innovative mentorship program designed to accelerate the success of their antimicrobial stewardship programs, including personalized mentoring and an onsite visit by a team of pharmacist-physician experts. In the activities, participating institutions highlighted the outcomes of their quality improvement efforts and lessons learned as they discussed their virtual posters with interviewer William Zellmer.

Strategies for Insuring the Safe Use of Insulin Pens in the Hospital

One Pen One PatientThis robust educational and quality improvement initiative for pharmacists was designed to facilitate the safe use of insulin and insulin pens in hospitals by using multiple components and a tiered learning approach. The first Tier was conducted via live and archived webinar, a written discussion guide and a robust resource center with tool kit. The central point for the initiative was the website, which included articles, an online toolkit, interactive videos, and customizable resources for hospitals. The second Tier was an Ask the Experts webinar with archive building on educational already presented.  The third Tier was 15 MENTORED QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IMPACT PROGRAMSSM and each participating site committed to at least one process improvement. Final reports from participants in the MENTORED QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IMPACT PROGRAMSSM were made available for other learners. This initiative achieved Level 5 Outcomes, resulted in a published supplement to AJHP and impacted over 63,000 pharmacists.

For more information about supporting ASHP Advantage educational programming, contact [email protected]