ASHP Injectable Drug Information™

For more than 40 years, ASHP has published the most trusted resource for injectable drug information. The new ASHP Injectable Drug Information Database now delivers the same quality of information you expect from ASHP, but expanded to deliver more information you need to make decisive patient care decisions. 

Your complete source for injectable drug information combines three top-rated ASHP resources:

  • ASHP® Injectable Drug Information™
  • Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs
  • Pediatric Injectable Drugs

ASHP Injectable Drug Information Database includes:

  • Over 400 monographs on injectable drugs with easy-to-read tables for compatibility of drugs in solution, syringes, admixtures, and at the Y-site.
  • 165 monographs on extended stability
  • 262 pediatric-specific monographs
  • Content is updated quarterly and available in XML
  • Delivered via sFTP

Why ASHP Injectable Drug Information?

With its 40-year track record of precise, accurate detail, nothing else comes close for compatibility, stability, storage, and preparation of injectable drugs. In a recent survey:

IDI Statistics


ASHP Injectable Drug Information vs Other Resources

  ASHP IDI Trissel'sTM 2 King Guide®
Pertinent MedWatch Alerts included digitally
Standardize 4 Safety (S4S) concentration standards included in pertinent monographs  Varies
PubMed Hyperlinked References directly from primary source citations in the reference list
AHFS® Pharmacologic-Therapeutic Classification© includes the full list and specific classification numbers within each individual monograph
Easy-to-Navigate Format Granular, structured monograph style with major headings and compatibility tables for quick access to the information you need
In-Text Citations seamlessly trace the source of information with direct links to numbered references
Available digitally and in print as a hardcover, bound, single volume


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