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Manage and monitor competency completion among pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff with ASHP’s Competency Assessment Centers. Developed by a team of more than 90 experts from around the country—leaders in their fields—our competency management training provides comprehensive learning objectives, study tools and assessments online, making it easier for you to:

  • Onboard and train new staff
  • Ensure competency among existing staff
  • Provide a refresher course for pharmacists wishing to re-enter the workforce
  • Deliver vital, firsthand training to residents and to students for IPPE and APPE

Why is Competency Management Important?

As the field of pharmacy continues to evolve with emerging medications, technologies, and regulations, it is crucial for pharmacists and healthcare professionals to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge. Competency management provides a structured approach to enhance their expertise, identify areas for improvement, and create personalized training plans that meet their needs. This leads to improved patient outcomes and enables pharmacists to provide high-quality care.

Highlights and Benefits

I am so glad ASHP offers these competencies. They make compliance with TJC standards very easy and the content is excellent. You can’t imagine how many rural hospitals out there are still trying to write their own competencies every year. Director of Pharmacy, Pella Regional Health Center


  • Access to multiple competency-based assessments covering a wide range of topics
  • Interactive online learning modules that allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Tracking and reporting tools to monitor your progress and keep you on track
  • Continuing education credits to help you meet your professional development requirements


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge to provide better patient care
  • Flexible online learning options that fit into your busy schedule
  • Access to a wide range of competency-based assessments to help you identify areas for improvement


  • Improved patient outcomes through better-trained and more knowledgeable healthcare professionals
  • Increased job satisfaction and career growth opportunities
  • Savings in time and money compared to traditional training methods
  • Meeting your professional development requirements and staying compliant with regulatory standards

Competency Centers

Competency management training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians covering a wide range of topics.




Designed for pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff looking to stay current with changes in patient care and achieve high levels of competency in critical areas. Access to 60+ key competencies and skills assessments covering a variety of topics. CE Hours: 40+

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Compounding Competency Assessment Center


Establish key skills needed to ensure compliance with USP Standards for pharmacy and non-pharmacy personnel involved in compounding. Developed by leading compounding experts Patricia Kienle and Kevin Hansen, this training covers sterile compounding, nonsterile compounding, and handling hazardous drugs. Formerly ASHP's Compounding Sterile Preparations Competency Library (CSPCL) this comprehensive training was created to be fully customizable and flexible allowing institutions to tailor the training based upon the specific roles and responsibilities of their staff. CE Hours: 6+

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Ensure faculty members or preceptors involved in pharmacy student practice experiences (IPPES and APPES) and/or residency programs have the ongoing knowledge and skills needed to meet their responsibilities to the professional program. Comprised of 23 key competencies on a variety of topics related to precepting students and residents. CE Hours: 11+

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emergency preparedness


Equip your staff with the knowledge needed to deal with a range of crises and prepare for emergency events while also meeting The Joint Commission emergency management standards. This training is ideal for pharmacy personnel including technicians who do not have direct involvement on the Emergency Operations planning team, but need to be familiar with emergency preparedness concepts and essential medications in the event of an emergency. CE Hours: 5+

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Medication Safety


Ensure foundational knowledge and skills needed to optimize safe medication use for all patients. Medication safety remains a top priority for all institutions to ensure safe and effective patient care. This training provides modules on various topics related to safe medication use for pharmacists and technicians involved in any stage of the medication use process. CE Hours: 10+

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Specialty Pharmacy


Facilitate consistent competency assessment for all staff involved in specialty pharmacy operations. Specialty pharmacy is emerging as one of the fastest growing areas of pharmacy, driven by many new medication approvals. This training includes a collection of modules for pharmacists and technicians seeking to expand their knowledge and skills needed to provide patient care in a specialty pharmacy setting. CE Hours: 7

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Anticoagulation Management


Reinforce safe and appropriate use of anticoagulant medications for pharmacists in any pharmacy setting. The prescribing and dispensing of anticoagulants remain a top priority for health systems as it is frequently cited as a top patient safety priority by accrediting bodies. This training provides education on anticoagulation topics that will help institutions ensure that their staff have the ongoing knowledge and skills needed to optimize anticoagulant use for all patients. CE Hours: 10+

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ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers are intended and designed for institutional use. Whether you have a question about features, pricing, need a demo, or free trial, our team is ready to assist.




ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers are the most cost-effective competency management solution for healthcare organizations. Regardless of size, we offer scalable and affordable solutions for both large multi-hospital health systems and small and rural hospitals.

By subscribing to our online training program, you will save time, money, and personnel resources while improving the skills and knowledge of your staff. Allocate your budget to the areas that matter most to you and your organization.

  • A la carte (one or more): Pay for only what you need. Customize your training program by only subscribing to the individual assessment centers you need most.
  • PCAC 365 (comprehensive): Best value. Complete access to every available assessment center in one place, offering a comprehensive, streamlined competency management training program for your organization. This is the most cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations that need access to multiple assessment centers.


We are currently using [PCAC] for a two week IPPE institutional rotation. The content is perfect for what we needed.  Director of Experiential Education (IPPE), Roseman University of Health Sciences

How-To Videos

Navigate ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers with confidence- from logging in and accessing assessments to understanding reports and tracking progress, these videos cover all the essential features and functionalities of the assessment centers.

ASHP CAC How to Videos


Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting For Improved Competency Compliance

ASHP's partnership with Dossier, a cloud-based healthcare competency management provider, offers robust monitoring and reporting capabilities so you can spend less time tracking competency completion on paper and more time with patients. Dossier's software add-on seamlessly integrates with any of ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers providing easy access to reporting that gives you visibility into your entire team’s competency.

Interested in seeing a demo? Product demos will include ASHP and Dossier team members so you can get answers to all your questions.

Dossier makes it simple to:

  • Easily retrieve competencies in one, single dashboard
  • Assign & manage all competencies in a centralized location
  • Monitor learning and competency progress
  • Quickly create robust reports