ASHP's Compounding Competency Assessment Center is designed to establish key skills needed to ensure compliance with USP Standards for pharmacy and non-pharmacy personnel involved in compounding.

  • Over 25 key competencies
  • 6+ hours of CE

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What's Included

This fully online competency management subscription includes over 25 competencies and initial skills assessments covering sterile compounding, nonsterile compounding, and handling hazardous drugs to ensure compliance with USP Standards for pharmacy and non-pharmacy personnel involved in compounding.

Customizable Training: Formerly ASHP's Compounding Sterile Preparations Competency Library (CSPCL), the Compounding CAC is fully customizable and flexible allowing institutions to tailor the training based upon the specific roles and responsibilities of their staff. 

Time-Efficient Learning: Modules are broken down into manageable 15-minute segments. This allows busy individuals to efficiently complete their competencies during a demanding workday, fostering continuous improvement without overwhelming time commitments. 

Content Experts: Developed by leading compounding experts Patricia Kienle and Kevin Hansen, this training addresses all personnel training key elements from USP Standards and now includes updated content for USP <795>, USP <797>, and USP <800>.

Educational Videos: 24 videos designed to boost learning by offering comprehensive content in a visually engaging format. Each video aims to deepen your understanding of the subject matter, providing clear explanations, and practical examples to make the learning experience more effective.

Competencies Cover

  • Sterile Compounding
  • Nonsterile Compounding
  • Handling Hazardous Drugs

Popular Competencies

  • Hand Hygiene and Garbing
  • Immediate-Use Preparations
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

Continuing Education Hours

ASHP's Compounding CAC offers 6+ continuing education credits to help you meet your professional development requirements.


USP <795>

  • USP <795>: Hand Hygiene and Garbing
  • USP <795>: Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • USP <795>: Handling Compounded Nonsterile Preparations, Components, and Use of Equipment
  • USP <795>: Master Formulation and Compounding Records
  • USP <795>: Interpreting Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets

USP <800>

  • USP <800>: Types of Exposure
  • USP <800>: Hazardous Drug List and Risks
  • USP <800>: Proper Use of PPE
  • USP <800>: Use of Devices and Equipment
  • USP <800>: Cleaning Process
  • USP <800>: Response to Exposures and Spills
  • USP <800>: Disposal of Hazardous Drugs and Trace Contaminated Materials

USP <797>

  • USP <797>: Calculations, Measuring and Mixing
  • USP <797>: Movement within the Compounding Area
  • USP <797>: Hand Hygiene and Garbing
  • USP <797>: Principles of HEPA Filtration
  • USP <797>: Use of Primary Engineering Controls
  • USP <797>: Use of Equipment
  • USP <797>: Aseptic Technique and Maintaining Sterility
  • USP <797>: Immediate-Use Preparations
  • USP <797>: Master Formulation and Compounding Records
  • USP <797>: Cleaning and Disinfecting Agents and Supplies
  • USP <797>: Cleaning and Disinfecting The PEC and SEC

About ASHP Competency Assessment Centers

As the field of pharmacy continues to evolve with emerging medications, technologies, and regulations, it is crucial for pharmacists and healthcare professionals to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge. Competency management provides a structured approach to enhance their expertise, identify areas for improvement, and create personalized training plans that meet their needs. This leads to improved patient outcomes and enables pharmacists to provide high-quality care.


  • Access to multiple competency-based assessments covering a wide range of topics
  • Interactive online learning modules that allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Tracking and reporting tools to monitor your progress and keep you on track
  • Continuing education credits to help you meet your professional development requirements


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge to provide better patient care
  • Flexible online learning options that fit into your busy schedule
  • Access to a wide range of competency-based assessments to help you identify areas for improvement


  • Improved patient outcomes through better-trained and more knowledgeable healthcare professionals
  • Increased job satisfaction and career growth opportunities
  • Savings in time and money compared to traditional training methods
  • Meeting your professional development requirements and staying compliant with regulatory standards

ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers are the most cost-effective competency management solution for healthcare organizations. Regardless of size, we offer scalable and affordable solutions for both large multi-hospital health systems and small and rural hospitals.

By subscribing to our online training program, you will save time, money, and personnel resources while improving the skills and knowledge of your staff. Allocate your budget to the areas that matter most to you and your organization.

  • A la carte (one or more): Pay for only what you need. Customize your training program by only subscribing to the individual assessment centers you need most.
  • PCAC 365 (comprehensive): Best value. Complete access to every available assessment center in one place, offering a comprehensive, streamlined competency management training program for your organization. This is the most cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations that need access to multiple assessment centers.


How-To Videos

Navigate ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers with confidence- from logging in and accessing assessments to understanding reports and tracking progress, these videos cover all the essential features and functionalities of the assessment centers.



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ASHP's Competency Assessment Centers are intended and designed for institutional use. Whether you have a question about features, pricing, need a demo, or free trial, our team is ready to assist.



Additional Competency Management Solutions



Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting For Improved Competency Compliance

ASHP's partnership with Dossier, a cloud-based healthcare competency management provider, offers robust monitoring and reporting capabilities so you can spend less time tracking competency completion on paper and more time with patients. Dossier's software add-on seamlessly integrates with PCAC providing easy access to reporting that gives you visibility into your entire team’s competency.

Interested in seeing a demo? Product demos will include ASHP and Dossier team members so you can get answers to all your questions.

Dossier makes it simple to:

  • Easily retrieve competencies in one, single dashboard
  • Assign & manage all competencies in a centralized location
  • Monitor learning and competency progress
  • Quickly create robust reports