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NPPC Series: Cooking Up Experiences and Evaluations that Nourish Learners Without Poisoning Preceptors Part 2

Broadcast Date: October 5, 2023


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This podcast will discuss Drs. Lindsay Davis and Erin Raney’s upcoming sessions titled “Precepting Effectiveness: A Habits of Preceptors Workshop” at ASHP’s National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference and “Kaleidoscopes: Viewing Self/Team Enhancement Frameworks Through the Lens of Pharmacist Practitioners.”


Lindsay DavisLindsay Davis (she/her), PharmD, BCPS, BCCP, FCCP is a cardiology & metabolism team director with Pfizer’s Field Medical Group. Prior to working at Pfizer, she was a professor at Midwestern University (MWU) where she was honored to have received teaching, mentoring, and precepting awards. She continues to serve as adjunct faculty at MWU and provides patient care by volunteering in a pharmacist-managed syncope clinic. Her scholarly publications are focused on teaching and precepting methods as well as cardiovascular pharmacotherapy.

Erin RaneyErin Raney (she/her), PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, BC-ADM is a professor of pharmacy practice at Midwestern University College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus. Her teaching responsibilities focus on cardiometabolic disease and women’s health. Her scholarship efforts emphasize continuous professional development strategies for students and practicing pharmacists. She serves as a co-coordinator of the Student Leadership Development program and is a core faculty member for the college’s teaching and learning curriculum for residents and preceptors.

Gina LuchenGina Luchen, PharmD serves as the ASHP director of Member Relations for the Sections of Pharmacy Educators and Community Pharmacy Practitioners. In this role, Dr. Luchen leads initiatives that influence practice and education across the care continuum. Dr. Luchen completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas, a postgraduate year 1 Community-Based Residency with the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy and Balls Food Stores, and the Executive Fellowship in Association Leadership and Management at ASHP.

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