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Ensuring Technician Voices in Department – Incorporating Technicians in Department Strategic Planning

Broadcast Date: March 10, 2022


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In this episode, we discuss one of the ways the pharmacy department at Yale New Haven Hospital has ensured technician engagement across their department. Tune in to learn about how technicians are incorporated into strategic planning for the department, and to hear a first-person technician account about the successes with this strategy.


Sam AbdelghanySam Abdelghany is the Executive Director of Oncology Pharmacy at Yale-New Haven Health.  He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy and a Master of Health Care Administration from Ohio University School of Management. He currently serves on various committees including the Yale University Science and Safety Committee and the Yale University Institutional Review Board. Dr. Abdelghany’s current research interest areas are real-world data with cancer therapies and oncology health economic and outcomes research.

Samantha HannaburySamantha Hannabury is a certified pharmacy technician working as a supervisor at Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael’s. With over 10 years of experience as a technician Samantha leads staff to provide safe, effective, high value, patient centered care from a place of transparency and compassion. As one of the first pharmacy technician supervisors in her health system she is excited to see the innovation of more technician roles and responsibilities in the future.

Katherine S. DeSanctisKatherine S. DeSanctis, PharmD, MS, is the director of pharmacy operations at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is responsible for safe and efficient operations across the central distribution, compounding, and perioperative pharmacies. Katherine completed a HSPAL residency with MS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She earned her PharmD from the University of Illinois-Chicago. She has been an active member of ASHP since 2014, and an active member of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders since 2018.


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