CPEL Recertifcation Requirements

The CPEL certification is based on a 7-year term, and credentialed professionals must recertify every 7 years to maintain certification. Recertification requirements during the 7-year term include:

  • Earn a total of 60 points from ASHP-approved leadership professional development activities made up of:
    • A minimum of 30 points from live/in person or live virtual activities.
    • A maximum of 30 points from other activities including online/home study offerings.
  • Complete four volunteer activities such as community/civic volunteer activities since your initial certification or last recertification.
  • Be a member of ASHP with an unrestricted pharmacy license
  • Pay the recertification fee ($600) when their 7-year term is up for renewal

CPEL Certification Fees

The CPEL certification is based on a 7 year cycle.  

Action  Fee  Details 
Application Fee  $0  There is no fee to apply. 
Capstone Fee  $500.00  For initial certification only. 
Annual Certification Fee* $150.00/year  Annual for the 7-year certification term 
Recertification Fee  $600.00  1x every 7 years to renew certification 
*ASHP membership is required during certification term.

Recertification Opportunities
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