The CPEL Capstone

CPEL BadgeWhat is the Capstone?
The CPEL Capstone is a multi-day in-person program at ASHP headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, where candidates engage in facilitated group case discussions based on the CPEL competencies. Each capstone is limited to 30 participants and is facilitated by accomplished CPELs with unique leadership experience and a passion for pharmacy leadership.

Candidates are responsible for the tuition fee and paying for their own travel and accommodation to participate in the capstone. Lunches and beverages are provided by ASHP.  (See fees below.)

Capstones are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Tentative capstone dates are below; additional sessions will be scheduled based on the total number of approved applicants.

Tentative Capstones at ASHP

  • July 15-18 (apply by May 1)
  • September 9-12 (apply by July 1)
  • November 4-7 (apply by August 1) 

The capstone is a collaborative experience, giving you an opportunity to:

  • Interact with other highly accomplished pharmacy leaders in similar situations and positions.
  • Discuss leadership ethical dilemmas and current challenges and opportunities.
  • Further develop your network to include highly competent leaders.

The capstone also provides an opportunity to develop a personal leadership professional development plan.

CPEL Certification Fees

The CPEL certification is based on a 7 year cycle.  

Action  Fee  Details 
Application Fee  $0  There is no fee to apply. 
Capstone Fee  $500.00  For initial certification only. 
Annual Certification Fee* $150.00/year  Annual for the 7-year certification term 
Recertification Fee  $600.00  1x every 7 years to renew certification 
*ASHP membership is required during certification term.

Request for Special Accommodations  
ASHP complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. No individual with a disability shall be deprived of the opportunity to participate solely because of a disability. ASHP will provide reasonable accommodation for a candidate with a disability who requests accommodation.