Pharmacists in C-Suites

The Pharmacists in C-Suites (PICS) is an initiative to represent pharmacist executives with expanded roles beyond the pharmacy enterprise. ASHP believes that hospital and health-system pharmacy leaders are well positioned to serve as highly-effective C-suite executives based on the education and training they receive. They are well versed in the growing clinical complexity of practice, the impact of pharmacy operations on enterprise-wide fiscal performance, the continued diversification of service lines, and the overall medication-use process in hospitals and health systems.

As the skills of hospital and health-system pharmacists become more widely recognized among healthcare leadership, we are seeing an increasing number of our members serving in high-level executive positions, including CEOs, COOs, and hospital presidents, along with vice presidents and executives of service lines outside of pharmacy.

PICS will provide a new membership home for these executives and focus on creating valuable connections and peer networking within the group. There will also be opportunities for current pharmacists in C-suite roles to mentor future leaders, stimulating pathways for advancement into executive and C-suite leadership positions in hospitals and health systems. Further, PICS participants will provide ongoing strategic advice to ASHP and our members on a broad array of important healthcare issues.

Pharmacy In C-Suites – PICS experiences include:

Participation in exchange of strategies through live and virtual formats

  • Invitational events at ASHP national meetings
  • Specialized education session at ASHP national meetings
  • Virtual roundtables

Exclusive ASHP policy analyses and national practice survey results

  • Analyses of trends impacting large health systems
  • Strategic forecasting

Advocacy impacting large health systems

  • Legislative, regulatory, and health policy analyses
  • ASHP influence to impact change
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Participation in mentoring and networking of additional leadership panels

  • Hospital and health system c-suite executives
  • Pharmacists hospital and health system c-suite executives
  • Pharmacists leading multiple service lines
  • Pharmacy Executive Leadership Alliance members