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State Affiliate Toolkit Well-Being and Resilience

Well-beingASHP is an original sponsor of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience and actively leading the pharmacy profession on this issue? ASHP recognizes that a healthy and thriving clinician workforce is essential to ensuring optimal patient health outcomes and safety; this commitment to improving pharmacy workforce well-being and resilience is embedded within ASHP’s Strategic Plan, as well as, a new policy position, 1825 Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, that was approved during the 2018 House of Delegates. Check out a well-being and resilience resource page at to help you, whether you’re a student pharmacist, a pharmacy resident, a pharmacy technician, or an active pharmacist practitioners, in your resilience journey.


To Do List for Promoting a Resilient and Thriving Pharmacy Workforce

Consider this "to do" list as a template for state affiliate involvement in the journey to promote a resilient and thriving pharmacy workforce, both for your individual state affiliate members and the external environments/organizations where they practice.  Sample documents and tools are linked throughout the list. 


Engage: Create a Well-Being Committee

  • Consider including key health-system leaders, academic leaders, and residency directors from your state, including leaders from both small and large sites.
  • Consider inviting pharmacy residents, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.
  • Gain a commitment from a volunteer chair or co-chairs to serve as "champions" for embedding well-being and resilience at the state.
  • Announce the Well-Being Committee to all state affiliate members.

Prepare: Have all members of the Well-Being Committee review the NAM & ASHP websites

Discuss: Convene a meeting of the Well-Being Committee

  • Identify scope, goals, and objectives of the committee.
  • Create a commitment statement to improve clinician well-being and reduce clinician burnout, using examples from the National Academy of Medicine.
  • Discuss how to educate state affiliate members on burnout.
  • Develop a communication plan and metrics for success.

Promote: Embed wellness into your state affiliate meeting

  • Consider a platform presentation on topic at affiliate meeting
  • Host a roundtable session for meeting attendees to identify and discuss solutions to treat and prevent workforce burnout.
  • Identify opportunities to promote physical well-being at state affiliate meeting.
    • Remind conference attendees to incorporate well-being tips to remain healthy and resilient at state affiliate events.
    • Offer healthier meal options for attendees.
    • Host early morning yoga class, a fun-run, or partner with local fitness venues to provide discounts to meeting attendees.

Expand: Consider opportunities to engage with other healthcare stakeholders in the state