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Council on Pharmacy Practice

Concerned with ASHP professional policies related to the responsibilities of pharmacy practitioners.

Within the Council’s purview are (1) practitioner care for individual patients, (2) practitioner activities in public health, (3) pharmacy practice standards and quality, (4) professional ethics, (5) interprofessional and public relations, and (6) related matters.

2020-2021 Term

Name Position State
Andrew Stivers Chair Georgia
Amanda Hansen Vice Chair Ohio
Michael Dickens Member Idaho
Karl Gumpper Member Massachusetts
Barbara Hintzen Member Minnesota
Molly Leber Member Connecticut
Karen McConnell Member Colorado
Alex Mersch Member Iowa
Christopher Pack Member Oklahoma
Kuldip Patel Member North Carolina
Brittany Riley Member West Virginia/Kentucky
Jamielynn Sebaaly Member North Carolina
Jon Wilson Student Alabama
Kristy Butler Board Liaison Oregon
Anna Legreid Dopp Secretary Maryland
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