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10/1/2017 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

University of Louisville - Geriatrics

Innovative Practice: Geriatrics

9/1/2017 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Shannon Reidt

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy & Hennepin County Medical Center

9/1/2017 Pharmacy Practice Management

Bryan Schuessler

Director of Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy

9/1/2017 Pharmacy Informaticist

Andrew J. Teare

Principal Domain Specialist

9/1/2017 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Ali Roberts

Director of Clinical Services


PSF Executive Committee Member

PSF Executive Committee Member

8/21/2017 75 Member Stories

Carrie Morton, Pharm.D., M.B.A.

“…. after graduation, as I stepped into my first supervisor role, I relied on ASHP for resources.”

8/21/2017 75 Member Stories

Melody Sanchez, Pharm.D., M.H.A.

“The first time I went, [to the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting] I felt like I was bursting with knowledge.”

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