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Resources for Students

These resources are targeted to pharmacy students to gain insight into what informatics entails and learn about options for career paths.


Role of Pharmacists Practicing in Informatics (Video) [41:18]

Interested in learning more about different pharmacist roles within pharmacy informatics? Julie Pawola, PharmD, explains more about her team’s work in electronic order sets, parenteral nutrition workflow, and an antimicrobial stewardship program. Tony Dao, PharmD, CPEHR, CPHIT, explains his work on BCMA (Bar Coded Medication Administration) and how that process helps “close the loop” in medication administration. Lastly, AJ Teare, PharmD, CAHIMS, describes his role in Outpatient Pharmacy Informatics.

Pharmacy Informatics Residencies (Video) [37:38]

How do I choose the right program? Gain a better understanding of Pharmacy Informatics Residency Programs with the guidance of Beth Breeden, DPh, MS, CPHIMS, Stacy Lynn English, PharmD, MS, and AJ Teare, PharmD, CAHIMS. Learn how to select the most appropriate residency program for you, how to tackle the application process, and what to expect when transitioning from a resident to a practitioner.

Informatics in Academia and Student Opportunities (Video) [50:14]

Wondering what opportunities are available for Pharmacy Informatics within academia? Discover the possibilities as Brent I. Fox, PharmD, PhD, Kevin Fuji, PharmD, MA, and Anh Ngo, PharmD, MSHI, CPHIMS, highlight their respective experiences involving academia, research, and student opportunities.



A Progress Report on the State of Pharmacy Informatics Education in US Pharmacy Schools and Colleges

Implementing Pharmacy Informatics in College Curricula: The AACP Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning Special Interest Group